Summer (and year) of gold for holiday homes in Italy: here are the favorite destinations

Reservations fly a few days after the official start of the summer closer than ever to the return to post-pandemic normality and the last one, proptech founded by Davide Scarantino and led by Marco Celani, photographs figures and trends from the first five months of 2022 that make us think of the innovative SME headquartered in Milan, partner throughout Italy, covered 3,000 homes and over 340 destinations, from 2022 as the best year ever.

Starting from Milan, where it quickly became the largest property manager in the city and then expanded from 2020 throughout Italy, along with the direct management of a network of over 150 franchisees and partners, Proptech actually made reservations from January 1st to 31st. May 2022 to a value of 29 million compared to 20.3 million for the whole of 2021. The number of reservations has almost fivefold, from 2 million in the period 1 January to 31 May 2021 to 9.7 million in the same period this year compared to 81 thousand nights reserved in the first five months of 2022 against 27 thousand previously.

“Thanks to the easing of restrictions, the perception of a positive handling of the pandemic and the thankfully minimal negative impact of international turbulence on tourist movements – explains CEO Marco Celani, who since 2016 heads the company, which arrived on June 15 to offer via the Italian road .house portal a total of 900,000 bookable nights – for the quarter June-July-August 2022 we have already sold several summer nights, around 72,000, compared to the final balance of 71,000 in the same quarter 2021 “.

The trend of occasional tourism is certainly well established – is Celani’s analysis – and travelers are increasingly aware of the quality of the products and services offered by professional property management. As Italianway, we are increasingly competitive both for the record number of destinations has entered our network thanks to local partners, and for a product range that is able to capture the wishes of families, globetrotters, digital nomads, holiday workers and business travelers: on our portal you can book period homes in the historic centers of villages and art towns, villas with country swimming pools or views of the sea, mountain huts, trulli and dammusi. of 2022 at over 60% compared to the same period in 2021: from € 75 per night to around € 120 “.


The analysis of the reservations made by the proptech Study Center captures the long-awaited return of foreign tourists, who according to the reservations made on the portal from January 1 to May 31 come from 114 countries. Inevitably, the percentage of Italian travelers drops from 52% last year to the current 34%. Always strong presence of German travelers (from 12% in 2021 to 7.5% in 2022) and French (from 9.5% in 2022 to 7.2% in 2022). The lower incidence of European travelers is actually due to the recovery of long-haul flights: Americans primarily (6.9%), but also Chinese (4.2%) who return to stay in art cities such as Rome, Florence, Venice and Naples and in iconic places like the Como and Garda Islands and the Amalfi Coast. The British and Poles are also doing well (for the latter, it is a new trend with a peak of 2.1%), while there is a complete shortage of Russians and part of the Asian world.
The average age of international travelers is 40, falling to 37 and 38 for Spaniards and English and rising to over 42 for Americans. Those arriving from far and wide prefer well-known destinations and cities as opposed to Europeans, especially the north, who prefer more rural destinations. When choosing the type of accommodation, Americans prefer luxury, especially in art cities, while Swiss (4.2%), Dutch (2.7% of customers) or Spaniards (3.3%) prefer out-of-town destinations, nature and more rustic. interior design.


Liguria has already exceeded the total number of bookings in 2021 by 10%, although it has not yet reached the total number of stays last year. Really good Andora, Sanremo, Genoa, Finale and Rapallo with good occupancy rates already from April. Tuscany flies with the villas and the restoration of Florence: In the first 5 months of 2022, 2.5 times the bookings were recorded for the whole of 2021, with an average transaction for accommodation 2.4 times higher and important prospects until the end of the year. Sardinia starts with a delay compared to last year, when tourism was mainly national and benefited most Italian tourists, however, the reservation window has been extended and there is no doubt – according to Centro Studi Italianway – that the 35 thousand nights are still free. fill up before the end of June. Sicily has already exceeded the final balance for 2021 by 30% with an still short booking window and therefore the opportunity to further improve filling especially for July and August. Puglia already has an excellent fill rate from June to August (around 45%), and with fewer nights sold, it performs better than 2021 by 30%, indicating that the best product was sold first. Campania, with Naples, the Amalfi Coast and the islands at the forefront, already has an excellent occupancy rate since March, with over 60% filling all summer.

“The preferred destinations for the number of bookings – says Celani – are currently Alghero, Como, Termoli, Andora, Sanremo, Monopoli, Costa Smeralda, Avola, Bormio, Syracuse with an average booking window for these TOP 10 destinations in 64 days, which doubles to book Trulli in Puglia and half for a weekend in Alghero.As always the North Americans’ favorite destinations are Rome, Milan and Florence, with a good performance of Lake Como and the Amalfi Coast.Excellent performance in Naples, with tourists of all nationalities led by the French. Liguria is the favorite destination of the Swiss and French and sees a great return for the Germans and of all northern European tourism, especially in relation to the so-called silver segment. Bookings of villas throughout Italy are flying, especially in Puglia, Sardinia and Tuscany, while Sicily can still grow a lot ”.


Among the new trends recorded by the Italianway Study Center is also the normalization of the timing with which reservations are made: If the pandemic had changed the reservation window by imposing last minute or even last second reservations, the newfound optimism and the concrete perception of a return to closer normality determines the extension of the reservation window.

Travelers book on average 48 days before arrival, with dynamics varying by nationality (Italians on average 15 days before, Americans 38, Germans 31, French 28) and the destination or reason for staying with the cities previously booked if for vacation , during the date of work and the sea always a little in advance, also to find the availability of planes and ferries. At the same time, CEO Celani notes, “while in 2021 we registered a very high number of cancellations with peaks of 50%, this year we are back just above the pre-pandemic normality with a cancellation rate of just over 15%”.

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