Renew your home on a budget: Here are some bonuses to save more than 50% –

Even with inflation, expensive bills and 2 euro petrol, many would definitely like to renovate their homeespecially those who managed to achieve a mortgage loan at the bank and to buy a housealso thanks to the Guarantee Fund for First Mortgages.

As a goal it may seem impossibleespecially with problems like the ones just mentioned, but thanks to the various public bonuses available also for 2022 you can renovate your home by spending a littlein fact, almost nothing.

In addition to these bonuses, in the unfortunate event that you can not access them, you can still get a significant savings with home. Just follow a few simple tricks and that’s it!

But let’s see better how to renovate the house by spending a little, first with bonuses extended by the Draghi governmentand so with these tricks.

How to renovate your home by spending a little: With the facade bonus, you can also get a 90% refund

A good way to renovate your home by spending a little it is with the various Home bonuses you can claim this year, almost all extended, however with the necessary changes.

The best example is with the facade bonus, which allows you to renovate your home starting from the exterior facade of your home. With this bonus you can save by using only 40% of the renovation costprovided that:

  • the facade is facing a street / public area;
  • the building is a building located inurban area A or B;
  • the facade is alone externally.

You can even bet with the face a bonus renovate your home by spending very littleeven only 10%, but only if the costs associated with the interventions have been accounted for no later than 31 December 2021date after which the bonus goes from 90% to 60%!

But how many savings are we talking about? notice that maximum of the cost of the facade bonus stands at 96,000 eurosIn practice, you can renovate your house with almost 39,000 euros, if not 9,600 euros if spending is in 2021.

You can also renovate your home by spending a little throughout 2022, thanks to the expansion of the Draghi government. However, due to the credit crunch, the situation may not go well. Alternatively there is always Ecobonus.

How to renovate your home by spending a little with Ecobonus: up to 65% for single-family homes

Another bonus you can claim renovate your home by spending a little is Ecobonus.

It is a financial support that may be suitable for those who do not want to limit the work for renovation of the house only on the exterior facade of your property.

Ecobonus actually provides a number of additional workssuch as restructuring of walls, roofing, windowsfloors and exterior doors that can allow you to renovate your home by spending very little, even 65% if you want it as the owner / co-tenant of a single-family house.

Otherwise, you can aim for other percentages, such as:

  • that 70-85% in the case of insulation requested by a condominium,
  • that 110% in the case of replacement And installation of a heating system in a condominium or on private property.

And these, unlike the face bonus, has not undergone reductions between 2021 and 2022. In fact, thanks to the principle of “driving work“, You will also have access to another bonus, in great demand in recent months by construction companies and banks: Super bonus 110%.

How to renovate your home by spending a little with Superbonus 110%

How renovate your home by spending a little except with the primary Home bonus in 2022, Superbonus 110%?

We’re talking about a bonus that, unlike the bonus you make, you have nothing to use; on the contrary, you will earn if the extra credit of 10% is confirmed!

It’s a bonus that everyone demands, but which unfortunately it could soon become a big trapalso for those who want to renovate their home at a low price and in a completely legal way.

Because of the controversy created by credit crunch, many risk running dry in September if the government should decide to limit all merit awards again to banks or construction companies.

While of all the bonuses discussed so far, it is the one that practically makes you the most profit from renovating your home, it is also the most risky, at least in the long run. In this case, if you can guarantee 30% status of work before 30 September, and to complete the work by December 31, 2022, you could do so. Otherwise, the bonus will only be available to condominiums that have on their side an extension until 2023 submitted.

Unfortunately, there are no other bonuses that can suit those who aim to renovate their home by spending a little. If anything, it’s better now to understand which one really suits youeven in the short term.

How to renovate your home by spending a little with housing bonuses: this is how much the savings amount

As we have seen, all of these bonuses can be useful if you want to find an effective way to renovate your home by spending a little moneyor. But all in all, how much is this saving?

Let us take that fact as our starting point the following expense ceilings apply to everyone, related by the type of intervention. To get a better overview, we have summarized ceilings and maximum deductions to all the most enjoyable jobs for those who want to renovate their home on a budget.

As we said earlier, if you want to perform insulation work, inevitably the cheapest is Superbonus 110%as it allows you to save everything: Not only do you have the opportunity to renovate your home, but instead of spending a little, you make money.

Of course, minus the stipulated loan with the bank if you have requested the credit transfer. As you well know, the sale, if financed by a bank, it also allows for the transfer of part of the credit as a commission expense. The percentage varies depending on the bank and the stipulated contract.

Otherwise, you will always have these percentages, however you will have to settle for a tax deductionplanned in ten equal installments.

It may be the best solution in the long run if options like credit check should become virtually inaccessible.

If the world of home bonuses does not convince you, or you have no opportunity to access these bonuses, you just have to limit yourself to a few trickseven though they can really help you renovate your home on a budget!

How to renovate your home by spending a little without bonuses: here are some simple tricks

There are some tricks on how to renovate your home on a budgetand which you can use if you have not been able to access any home bonus.

They are very easy going and going simple repainting up to renew the furniture with mirrors, new fabrics and plants in every corner. Or when you add a couple of new lampsor “vintage” furniture.

Apart from these tips, they can help you at the highest level interior designIf you really want to renovate your house, you can go ahead for simple procedureseven do-it-yourself.

Like many jobs, if you need the support or cooperation of outsiders, at the expense of supplies you will need to add the service. Why waste money when you can spend a little by doing everything on your own?

Obviously, if you want to renovate your home yourself, it pays to take out accident insurance. So you avoid the worst: the same INAIL guarantees insurance against house accidentsand in the case of jobs like these, it can make a difference.

In this chaos it will be necessary to have between 18 and 67 yearscompleted from 1 January 2019, and perform a type of activity “for the care of family and home members“. Theoretically, dthis should also apply to small domestic interventions how to renovate your home. I advise you to investigate the matter better on the official website of INAIL.

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