“My last day of school”, the letter of June 19, 2022

“Dear Union,
the track is crowded, the audience is pushing on, the noise is nothing but a tumult of emotions, and I see.

Inside the station we are many: one, none and one hundred thousand, a bit like we were in the atrium 5 years ago, under Dante’s threatening eyes.

Today I see the young boys who have their hearts in their throats, so saturated with emotions and fears that it almost seems to suffocate them, I observe that their hands shake, I observe their eyes, which after a long time shine again , sparks of a new discovery and impatient excitement. I see them looking at each other, really looking at each other for the first time, as they had never been able to do. They no longer recognize each other, but they are always the same, like a doll that gets bigger and bigger, but which never stops holding and guarding the smallest part of itself.

I’m also one of those guys. Disoriented, we look around, the trains run and tousle our hair, each one eagerly searching for his track, his path in life, his own way of being. There are those who are safe, those who are insecure, those without any idea: the truth is, however, that in the heart station there is room for everyone, for every fragility, for every strength, for every value or defect.

We spent 5 years looking for our place in the world, protecting ourselves, making fools, making ourselves good, even before we were. But after all, is not it to be young? Is not this the school we hate so much and have come to love? A little proof of what awaits us outside: experiences, disappointments and victories that piece by piece have created our baggage. A baggage that we are each present in, at least in my.

I’ve seen you grow up and you’ve seen me grow up, probably with some of you I’ll never talk again, with still others the paths will simply part, and then there are those (which at least in my hope) will remain forever in my future. But what I think is even more important is that somehow, more superficially or less, you will each be a part of my past, and I have taken and stolen something from each of you for better or worse.

I have been a thief of your little gestures, but I assure you that they will be kept as mine forever; and though I have always complained about the hated school, I thank you for making us grow in your arrogance, for letting us find traveling companions who at this station full of trains make me feel less alone.

And this is how I realize I want to start with Nico’s passion for history, Giuli’s delicacy, Francis’ empathy, Ali’s persistence, Morin’s stubbornness, the ability to know how to have fun with our three little pigs, one of which I must admit is my favorite because he is one of the first people who taught me what friendship is. I will miss our amazing representatives, I will miss knowing that Chiara will always be my ally against math, Beuz, Cate, Aunt Ari and their cheerfulness, turn around and know that I can find Ele on the last bench, Mirti and the conversations about life at midnight. And then Bea, I never hope I’ll miss you.

We quickly became comrades and accomplices, of the kind of complicity that is rarely created, the one we sang ‘flying’ with in the minibus on Monday: my heart was raised and I really felt all of you, as if it were the first time. And that’s what I hope to fly, to fly high, but never too high, as Icaro teaches us from good classics. All on their own track, we want to arrow away, we get happy and we get hurt because life is like that.

We will fly away in the same way as these 5 years, which felt like 5 seconds, and I will lock you inside a small but huge space in my heart, both the good and the bad part.

This concludes a chapter of our lives, and despite the disappointments, I could not be happier and more proud.

I’m sure everyone will find their trail, no matter how hidden it is, as for nine and three quarters. I want you to fly, and also to sing. Ad maiora semper. I love you”.


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