Music festival: the physicist Giuseppe Di Giugno and the concert in tribute to Aldo Bassi marked the second day

Following the prologue on Friday, the European Music Festival 2022, organized by the State Conservatory of Music “Nicola Sala” in Benevento, embarked on the first appointments held in various places in the city.

Among the events was the one in the Bonazzi Hall of Institute entitled “Digital machines for real-time music”, where the main character was the Neapolitan physicist Giuseppe Di Giugno, the creator of the famous 4X processor also used for musical works.

Several teachers and students who listened to the speaker’s words, who said he was particularly pleased with the welcome received.

For the occasion, the book was also presented: “Peppino Di Giugno Italian genius” by Alberto Giordano who spoke with Di Giugno together with Giuseppe Tete, professor at the conservatory.

Di June’s name is mentioned in the most important electronic music historical texts concerning both Italian and international music production.

In particular, the volume is the result of a work of restoration, reorganization and deepening of unpublished materials and historical data provided and monitored by Di Giugno himself, who made his private archive available to create a complete documentation of the first real-time digital technologies never realized in world.

Previously always in the “Trumpet Chamber Music” hall, while Concert Review. The pianist at work “and then” Sounds and colors from ‘900 “with teacher Carmelina Cirillo.

At the Teatro San Nicola, on the other hand, curated by maestro Anna Pugliese, “A journey in music from classicism to the dissolution of romance” followed by the appointment entitled “The Harps in Concert” by maestro Lucia Antonacci, who in one of her introductory speeches emphasized the festival’s importance to students , who can return to perform in front of the public and demonstrate their passion for the music and for the instrument they play.

At the Palazzo degli Scolopi, the notes from the children of the conservatory were followed by those interested in visiting the structure.

In Piazza Roma, on the other hand, the concert “Caro Aldo” was held by the head of the jazz department of “Nicola Sala”, maestro Roberto Spadoni, a tribute to Aldo Bassi, former teacher at the Samnite Institute and recently deceased. .

The president of the conservatory, Caterina Meglio, highlighted how the conservatory with the Music Festival has returned to the square with its spearhead represented in reality by the Jazz Department, which remembered Aldo Bassi, an excellence of the institute.

Conductor Giosuè Grassia also showed joy at starting over, emphasizing how the dedication of this concert to Bassi, a man and musician with great skills, was a source of strong emotion.

To the program for Monday, June 20thmeanwhile, in the Aula Bonazzi, at. 16.00, curated by Maestro Desireè Scuccuglia “The piano”, followed by “Bach for trumpet ensemble” with maestro Vincenzo D’Arcangelo at. 17.00.

Finally, the bassoon quartets by Maestro Andrea Corsi perform.

In the conservatory’s courtyard, in via Mario La Vipera, at 18.00 with maestro Stefania Tallini, Jazz Trio, while kl. 20:00, the Pop Department will be the main character with the masters Francini, Scorza, Galeano, Carrozza and Serio.

At the San Vittorino Theater, however, it starts at 4pm with maestro Gabriele Pieranunzi and “The Violin Solo According to Bach and Paganini”, followed by Maestro Claudio Gabriele with “Linear Flexibility” and Maestro Andrea Verrengia with “Labirinteide and china song”.

End at 20.30 with maestro Michele De Martino and “Bewitched Mandolins”.

At the San Nicola Theater, the Music Festival begins at 16.00 with Maestro Rocchino and the agreement entitled “The violin meets the piano”.

Subsequently, “Guitars at a party” by teacher Piero Viti, while at. 18.00 with the teacher Assunta Babuscio “The student in concert”.

In Annunziata Church, at 16.00, maestro Rossella Vendemia will propose “Vocal and instrumental piano accompaniment workshop”, while kl. 19.00 together with maestro Mario Fragnito, “Le Guitarre – Concerts for orchestra”.

Finally at 20.00 by maestro Tommaso D’Avanzo, “Clarinets”.

Finally, in Piazza Roma at 21.30 with maestro Leonardo De Lorenzo there will be “Vesuvian Drums”.

All shows are free.

The 2022 Nicola Sala Music Festival of the Benevento Conservatory of Music is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of University and Research, the Ministry of the Interior Prefecture of Benevento, the Province of Benevento, the City of Benevento, the Archdiocese of Benevento, the Sannio Irpinia Lab Association of Social Promotion, Sannio University and The State Archives.

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