How to set up a pub: ideas and advice

The pub is one special place inside a house. Those lucky enough to have this space know its infinite potential, but it often ends up being a storehouse for items that one does not have the courage to throw away. It’s time to give this space new dignity and create a refuge dedicated to their hobbies or to your own interests, especially if that is the case work from home and we tend to spend all the time inside the same room. The pub can also be used as a place to arrange dinners and small parties with friends, a place to share with our loved ones and to spend memorable moments. But you have to make sure to decorate it.

What can you do in the pub?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the pub should be considered as a free space and therefore not necessarily attached to the style that dominates the rest of the house. It’s as if it were a separate environment: comfortable and full of warmth, basically simple and spartan. The most popular flavor in taverns is that rustic, which therefore includes materials such as wood and the stone. But in the underground space of the house one can dare with taste industrial, minimal or classics. If there is a lot of space available, you can also consider creating an exercise room inside the living room of the tavera. Because this environment, if spacious, can be interpreted as an open space, or it can be divided, giving life to separate environments: a laundry room, a garage or a gym. If the space is small, choose style and essential furniture: a table, a kitchen and a sofa.

How to set up a pub?

If you choose to decorate the pub with one rustic style, wood will be used as the predominant material, which will make the environment warm and comfortable. The whole space will be made more comfortable thanks to the presence of one sofa, coffee table, tv and a fireplace. If you do not choose the masonry, feel free to choose one bioethanol fireplacewhich will createright atmosphere. To complete the tavern in a rustic style visible beams on the ceiling, if the height of the house allows, and the tiles in made food.

The rumpus room in a modern style is characterized by contrasts and bright colors. In this case, you may be daring with one last generation wine cellara corner bar with stools and sofa with modern shapes and colorful motifs. To fully embrace the modern style of the pub, the white color is preferred, both on the walls and for the decor accessories. To make everything more captivating, you can complete the furniture with accessories and colored items. The only rule is moderate the use of black: While it is a perfectly contrasting shade of neutral colors, keep in mind that underground spaces receive little light, so it can be counterproductive.

How to decorate on the budget

The size of the pub affects budget, however, it is in principle possible to follow some tips to try to save. For example, used furniture can be recycled. With used furniture, you can choose colors and finishes to perfectly match the style of the pub. Do-it-yourselfers are inevitable in these cases: freedom for creative recycling ideas. Not only. Another useful idea is to reuse the pallets that are intended for storing goods. Once recycled, they can be used to make different types of furniture. A final alternative is the barrels, which are suitable for different types of use: they can be made coffee tablespacked lunch and more.

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