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Finally see the light of day in 2022 GardaLo !, the cultural festival involving the Lombard shore of Lake Garda highly desired and designed for an area that – in light of extraordinary tourism in terms of quality and quantity – still lacked an agreement that would enrich that cultural offer, becomes a really waiting moment within the summer calendar.

Following the celebration of the 100th anniversary of its revival, the Vittoriale degli Italiani therefore continues its mission to promote culture and thought and affirms itself as an engine of modernity. Designed by Vittoriale Giordano President Bruno Guerri, three days open to all, for a pilot version of trails and activities designed for the little ones to support meetings on today’s major themes – from history to innovation and start-ups that pass through schools and young people as an investment for the future – and which will welcome the audience of visitors in Vittorialeparken’s magnificent spaces. To end the days Saturday and Sunday, two shows at the Amphitheater in Vittoriale to meet in front of the lake illuminated in its nocturnal form.

Like this Giordano Bruno Guerricomments on a first edition, which looks to the future and to the construction of an increasingly rich festival, central to Garda’s cultural offerings: “Now in the Garda area, I have long felt the lack – in the splendor of Garda – of one festival that brings beauty, intelligence, fun, discoveries to the wave of tourists who come to visit us. Now is the time, for times of crisis are also the starting points for a rebirth. GardaLo !, already in this pilot edition, which will take place entirely at the Vittoriale degli Italiani, will touch on the basic points of rebirth: education of children and young people, first and foremost, then school, the relationship between city and inhabitants. , history, the economy in its most dynamic forms, start-ups; finally sensational shows for intelligence and beauty. It’s called GardaLo! because in the intentions next year it will join the Bergamo Brescia 2023 Italian Capital of Culture with ten days of events in all the cities along the Garda Lombard coast, including Brescia and beyond. But in the final project, it will be GardaGa !, and will involve the three coasts and the three regions of this boundless wonder: neither physically nor mentally ”.

Giordano Bruno Guerri, photo by Marco Beck Peccoz
Giordano Bruno Guerri (photo by Marco Beck Peccoz).

There are four sections on the program

The Innovation Section

Edited by Giovanni Iozzia, a series of meetings for a close dialogue between established entrepreneurs and young startups, to together discover what opportunities can arise from a cross-cutting perspective, open to new perspectives. How do you become an innovative entrepreneur? How is it possible to do this at the age of 20 or so? What are the reasons for tackling a difficult business in Italy? What qualities do you need? To GardaLo! are the protagonists to answer, in the meeting entitled We want to be the story, who will compare Danila De Stefano (Founder Uno Bravo), Maurizio Campia (CEO Pharmecure) e Marcello Pelucchi (Holidoit). They will also be protagonists Marco de Rossifounder of WeSchool, who will provide a hands-on demonstration of how this is possible Going beyond Dad: a leap into the school of the future. In an age of widespread digitalisation, we are aware that for a company, innovation is a real issue of survival: in David and Goliath allies: innovation is a game for young and old companies, the giant Goliath, represented by Fabio Tentori (Are you), Doris Messina (Banca Sella) e Patrick Oungre (A2A), they will explain why it is better to ally with Davide, the small business. And how it happens that even within a large company, a start-up company can be born.

Literature department

Curated by Luigi Mascheroni, the planned appointments will compare the views of numerous scholars, philosophers, journalists, called for dialogue on current topics, as urgent as they are multifaceted. There school will be the first protagonist in these meetings: they will question our education system Ernesto Galli Della Loggia, Domenico De Masi And Luca Doninelli, aware that the state of health in a truly democratic country is measured precisely at school, the engine of the development of society and at the same time a guarantee of a better future for the new generations. After Historytoday more than ever a field for public debate that determines a people’s moral, political and civil orientations: about the need to face the knowledge of the past without manipulation or uncritical excuses they will discuss Franco Cardini, Michela Marzano And Vittorio Emanuele Parsi.

Finally, a closer look at a present where the pandemic, smart work and new forms of socializing at a distance force us to rethink the relationship between town and its inhabitants, between public and private spaces: Elena Granata, Camillo Langone, Gianni Biodillo And Italo Rota they will reflect on how to design and inhabit the cities of the future.

The youth section

Designed by Paola Venetoa calendar of workshops dedicated to children, with activities aimed at arousing their curiosity with stimuli from the most diverse areas, from mindfulness – to which some laboratories curated by Carmen Colibazzi – for music, for art. Heart. The expulsion from the earthly paradise it will therefore be a dialogue for parents with Nicola Gelo, while Stefania Gianfrancesco is entrusted with the management of the workshops Names, things, realities: the language of art. Finally a meeting with the psychiatrist and the author Paolo Crepet and a conversation with Marco Crepaldi, by Hikikomori Italia. Alongside these, the Vittoriale degli Italiani will create specialties for the first time visit of the monastery think ad hoc for the little onesto introduce them to the discovery of Gabriele d’Annunzio’s eclectic figure in the same spaces in which he inhabited, the highest expression of his art and his life.

Entertainment section

Organized by Viola Costatwo exclusive evenings in the Vittoriale Amphitheater, which will offer a tribute to the art of the theater, with the show Transcend and ascend Alessandro Bergonzoniand international music, with the exclusive concert of Beck (the only Italian date, already sold out), which ideally will pass the GardaLos relay! at the Tener-a-mente festival. Sunday morning, GardaLo! is enriched by an event in collaboration with the municipality of Cremona: a performance on Stradivari violin Golden Bell from Lena Yokoyama.

The GARDA DOC consortium is a partner in the 2022 edition of the GardaLo! Festival. The designation, recognized in 1996, insists on a hilly area of ​​31,000 hectares spread between Verona, Mantua and Brescia. About 20 million bottles are produced each year, including wines of various varieties and sparkling wines.

* Tickets of Transcend and ascend Alessandro Bergonzoni they are on sale from April 28 on the website at a price of € 20 and € 25 + presale.

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