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Summer is definitely the perfect time to do that excursions at high altitude And escape the heat of the citiesbut know it what to pack advance is crucial if you have children and you do not want to be caught unprepared.

There mountain it is also the destination that pediatricians recommend for the little ones, as long as they do not exceed 1500-2000 altitude meters. It is important to know that the ascent or descent speed can promote problems in restoring balance pressure between middle and outer ear, resulting in pain and trauma to the eardrum.

So if you struggle with first holiday in the mountains and you have babies in a few months select a destination with moderate height. Also remember that temperatures summer in the mountains they are unpredictable And in all the colors of the rainbow.

Often you start your day under one clear sky and we find ourselves wet from heavy rain in the middle of the afternoon. Clearly these sudden weather changes is related to one lowering temperatures (in the evening even below 15 degrees).

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Mountain landscape & # 8211;  peaks in the clouds against the blue sky.  Hills and mountains covered with pine forest in the foreground.

How to dress children for the mountains: what to pack

That the mountain climate is very variedCharacterized by frequent rains and hence the following lowering temperaturesso even in summer it is necessary be observant for what you pack specifically for children.

The suitcase will definitely be more loaded than the one for the sea, because it must accommodate well-fitting clothes. They must never miss:

  • trekking shoes
  • windbreakers
  • sweatshirts i fleece
  • sweatshirts i microfleece
  • intimate tank tops
  • half-sleeved shirts
  • shorts with pockets.

For sneakers as an alternative to the preferred trekking shoes them in do tex. Finally bonnet, sunglasses And sunscreen high protection to avoid burns.

Remember that our children are special sensitive to coldas they dissipate more heat than adults, especially from the head and neck, therefore it is better to wear specific technical clothing and above all dress them on in teams.

Family with young children hiking outdoors in summer nature, walks in the High Tatras.

During the hike, pay special attention to the little ones carried on the shoulders in backpacks: they are very sensitive to cold as they stay still and the position in the backpack slows down the circulation in the lower extremities so they have to covered enough.

Necessary clothes in your suitcase:

  1. Intimate tank tops (bodysuit for newborns);
  2. Cotton t-shirtsand long and short sleeves;
  3. Comfortable trousers long and short;
  4. Softshell jacket;
  5. Fleece sweatshirts or microfleece;
  6. Trekking shoes and gymnastics better if in gore tex;
  7. Windbreaker and k-road;
  8. Trekking socks;
  9. Bonnet And sunglasses;
  10. Trekking backpack for older children with sunscreen inside, first aid kit And canteen and aluminum.

How to dress children for the mountains: The Softshell jacket

If it did not exist, it should be invented once you have tried it, you no longer know how to do without it for you and your children. That soft shell It is a tissue technician extremely innovative formed by 3 layers, it protects against moisture, rain, wind and sudden temperature changes.

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Has no padding results easy to carry and fills a little in the suitcase. It’s loud breathable and has a microfleece layer on the inside. Softshell jackets are especially suitable for children on the go due to thermoregulable it’s a lot resistant. You can buy them online or from Decathlon, C&A, Name it, H&M.

Small hikers rest on large rocks and pose.

How to dress children for the mountains: trekking shoes

They have been found high to the ankle or low. In summer it is better to prefer the latter, ideal for hiking in the mountains or less demanding walks. Alternatively, sneakers will work well for smaller feet breathable but with membrane in do tex.

We can also pack gods sports sandalsvery useful because they are suitable for steep terrain, has excellent grip and breathability. Children usually love them because they allow them to run and walk for a long time without them unpleasant blisters. From Decathlon or Cisalfa Sport the most comfortable models.

European Alps and Monte Rosa Glacier, Macugnaga, Italy

How to dress children for the mountains: mountain socks

For mountain excursions in socks they are not a detail to be underestimated. Those dedicated to trekking have one fungus under the sole of the foot and reinforcements in areas of greatest friction, such as toe and heel.

As for the material, experts recommend prioritizing wool (yes you understood right even in the summer): its insulating properties do fresh even in the hottest season, do not the foot sweats without holding on to the sweat.

Boy looking at mountains

The raincoat

For cloudy days with varying weather ideal bring rain jacket It is a windbreaker. If, on the other hand, you prefer a single garment that contains both properties, we have found a perfect one on Uniqlo’s website. It is a pocket park ideal as protection from the sun and it rain.

With UV protection technology to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. It has a water-repellent coating and is made of durable ripstop nylon. Finally, it is equipped with reflective tape to guarantee greater safety at night.

Hat and sunglasses

Not just any cap but one anti UV raysessential for shielding the sun’s harmful rays, perfectly combined with one cream solar power of quality with very high protection.

At Decathlon, there are also baby models with side protectors. Do not forget them in your suitcase too sunglassesfor the little ones there is no shortage of them polarized but flexible equipped with rubber band behind the head (indicated by about six months).

Trekking backpack

From 5-6 years, children will be able to take one with them trekking backpack, comfortable because it is equipped with a front belt to distribute the weight and lighten the back. The breathable backrest is indispensable.

Inside you can enter:

  • a first aid kit
  • hand sanitizer
  • Patches
  • cream for small wounds
  • napkins
  • insect bite ointment.

Last but not least one canteen in aluminum or steel, completely plastic-free.

Our advice

Sit through the net here and there we have found an interesting page for you which sells technical clothing for children with a selection of numerous brand names Nordic. Consult it a bit in advance before you go on your holiday, over 75 euros there are no shipping costs.

Monte Grappa (Crespano del Grappa), Northern Italy

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