Cimitile Prize 2022, XXVII edition successfully completed: “Silver Campanili” delivered

The XXVII edition of the Cimitile Award organized by the Foundation of the same name, led by Felice Napolitano and supported by the founding members Campania Region, Metropolitan City of Naples, Cimitile Municipality, Objective III Millennium Association.

This year’s edition was dedicated to water for the protection of the planet. The exhibition was opened by the art exhibition “In search of the shape of the water. Modern artists for the protection of the planet ”, edited by Giuseppe Bacci and the presentation of the book Acqua. A biography of Giulio Boccaletti – Mondadori.

The Cimitile Award starts with the inauguration of the art exhibition Giuseppe Bacci

“It’s a great thrill to see Pope John Paul II again 30 years after his visit to the tomb of St. Felix, the winners of this edition gave us an evening with themes of high cultural depth that strike Italy and the whole world, which such as Covid, declared war, justice and social inclusion the president of the Felice Napolitano Foundation in a video link because of the positivity of Covid, who surprised him in the days before the last night – the goal of the Cimitile Prize has always been to promote reading. , books, literature, the promotion of cultural promotion, improvement and knowledge of the artistic and landscape beauties of our territory and the Campania region ».

After an intense week of art, culture, religion, history, rediscovery of public heritage, full of events, literatureinternational conference for studies, shows, music, book presentations, moments of reflection, which experienced a huge participation of the public, Saturday, June 18 on stage, in the magnificent setting of the early Christian basilicas, the winners, selected by Scientific Committee, were awarded under the direction of Ermanno Corsi, during the evening presented by Monica Leofreddi.

Best unpublished work of the narrative genre, awarded to Corrado Pinosio, with “Il corrupt. A story of bribery in the years with clean hands ”, the work was published on the national territory of the” Guida “publishing house in Naples. Best published work of fiction for Tiziana Ferrario “The Afghan Princess and the Garden of the Young Rebels”, Chiareletters. Best Current Work Published by Walter Ricciardi, “Pandemonio. What Happened, What Must Never Happen Again” – Laterza. Best Non-Fiction Work Published by Carlo Nordio, “Giustizia. Last Stand. From tangentopoly to the collapse of the judiciary “, Guerini and Associates. Best published work on archeology and artistic culture in the Paleo-Christian and early Middle Ages, to Marco Valenti,” The Barbaricum: a perifery became the center. Society, settlement and economy between the 1st and 10th centuries. “, Barbarian Archeology 5.” Antonio Ravel “Journalism Award to Serena Bortone, RAI Journalist, Writer and TV Host. Special Award to Zeudi Di Palma,” Miss Italy 2021 “.

The international quartet from Campania also performed on stage conducted at the piano by master Leonardo Quadrini, singers Fabio Concato, Mietta, Enzo Avitabile, Cesare Rascel, Francesca Maresca, actors Vincenzo Bocciarelli and Vanessa Innocenti, Ballet Company of Ballet Protagonists directed by Monica Maraldo.

In the rich parterre numerous political and cultural exponents. Parliamentarian Paolo Russo, Senator Francesco Urraro, Regional Councilor Felice Di Maiolo, Mayor of the capital Naples, Gaetano Manfredi; the mayor of Cimitile, Nunzio Provvisiero; the Chairman of the Scientific Committee for the Cimitile Award, Ermanno Corsi; the president of the “Obiettivo III Millennium” association, Elia Alaia, the publisher Diego Guida, the mayor of Scisciano and the chairman of the table of municipalities in the Nolan area Edoardo Serpico, the mayor of Nola, Carlo Buonauro, the mayor of Casamarciano Clemente Primiano, the mayor of San Gennaro Viano , Antonio Russo, the Mayor of Comiziano, Severino Nappi and many administrators of the territory. The evening was occupied by Dante Maritis Melos International production.

Cimitile Award Foundation, Institute of High Culture, one of the few examples in Campania which embodies a mixture of public, private and associations, with its authoritative founders, the Campania region, the Metropolitan City of Naples, the Cimitile municipality, the Objective III Millennium Association, continues its cultural path, continues to spread its faith, ie. , development of a national and international cultural project.

The initiative boasts authoritative patronage: Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Culture, Episcopal Curia of Nola Diocese.

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