CAR STOP PETROL AND DIESEL SINCE 2035 / The EU-labeled grill absurdity

The comment from Bergamasco Simpleton.

1) At the first signs of price growth in the first part of 2021, the international monetary authorities tried to explain that we were facing a temporary phenomenon that was to return with full recovery of the global production chains. At the same time, an endless crowd of experts tried to explain to governments and companies that continued to invest in the extraction and purchase of fossil energy and in the production / recycling of derivative products that these choices were destined to be punished in the financial markets. . Bottom line: most of these companies make the extra profit they should be taxed to finance the reduction of excise duties on fuels.

2) With the continued growth in prices in the second half of 2021, we have witnessed the pathetic behavior of those in power who during the day promised the nice Greta to tax without any mercy the extraction and consumption of fossil energy (and everything else, which could result in harm to the environment) and returned to their country in the evening to approve decrees to reduce the burden of fuel taxes.

3) The war in Ukraine has led us to reconsider the role of drilling rigs, to diversify sources of gas supply at higher prices from countries sympathizing with Russia and China, and even to assess the possibility of reopening coal-fired power plants.

Have we learned our lesson? When ever… Politically correct is hard to die. Our beloved Europe has, in order not to completely deny the recent past, found it appropriate to ban the production of motor vehicles with internal combustion engines, starts in 2035to replace them with electric, hydrogen, or other devilry, which in the meantime it will be possible to invent.

It seems like a distant date, why should we tie our heads?

1) This gimmick produces instantly and over the next few years the result of devaluing the machinery into circulation and canceling out the technological investments already available to halve the consumption and emissions from thermal engines. All this Ambaradan for trying to force the purchase of electric cars at unsustainable costs despite the huge mass of incentives that the state has provided in favor of buyers and dealers.

2) According to the manufacturers themselves, the environmental benefits of electric cars are questionable. The limited autonomy of the batteries forces motorists to spend time searching for the columns and waiting for recharges. For these reasons, the current electric cars, despite the high cost, are destined to be replaced by technologically more advanced vehicles and quickly become obsolete with the relative devaluation of their value;

3) Technologies, especially the raw materials needed for the production of electric cars, will make us Sino-Russian employees. From the frying pan to the grill, just as it happens for the supply of fossil energies.
Final summary:

if the value of cars in circulation is reduced to buying prohibitively expensive electric cars with low range and in return risks becoming obsolete, the only result obtained is to discourage the purchase of machines with heat engines and advanced hybrids with affordable costs and skilled halving of emissions. Abolition of the already available innovation potential and with significant consequences for the production facilities established in Italy.

Just to show that the production of gears …. born in environmental policy is not an exclusive prerogative for the exponents of the 5-star movement.

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