Antica Osteria di Solighetto, the art of hospitality and family roots

Antica Osteria, from left Giovanni Perenzin and his wife Carla with their son Umberto

The restaurant is run by Giovanni Perenzin with his wife Carla and son Umberto. Spit: a must for the whole year

TREVISO. “My father’s first lesson was: ‘Here we speak in dialect’, and explains that even in this way one can taste the territory”, he recalls Umberto Perenzin resumes its professional history at Antica Osteria in via Brandolini. “My family opened this place in 2003,” he explains, “when I was still in school and on the weekends, I helped as much as I could. But then, after graduating from high school, I decided to work here, sure my dad would have been able to teach me a lot ”. Pope Johnin fact, he was for a long time the servant and right-hand man, as well as a good friend, of the almost legendary Lino Toffolin, chef who was able to write memorable pages of cuisine and national hospitality in his Locanda in Solighetto, a few hundred meters from the present Osteria dei Perenzin.

Giovanni Perenzin, behind him spit

Belonging to Quartier del Piave is profound in Giovanni: “I was born in Rolle, a fairytale town, I worked for 35 years in the most beautiful restaurant in the world, and now I have found a new and satisfying dimension here with my family”, states he proudly. “When I reached retirement age, I wanted to change my life and become a farmer, but luckily I followed my mother’s advice and gave up, also because I was offered the management of several premises. To this, which had been closed for a few years, with my wife Carla we wanted to give the look of a welcoming but informal pub where everyone can feel at home ».

Carla Perenzin in the space among the works of art

“We have this aspect very much at heart,” Umberto emphasizes. “So much so that my father’s second lesson was, ‘Remember, a restaurant that works well is one where families meet. And it is always a great satisfaction for us to welcome several generations at the same table who share the important moments in life. It’s as if our house was theirs too ‘. A house decorated with great attention to detail, between stone walls and ceiling beams, large works by his friend Lino Dinetto, who also made the ceramic mats, old wooden statues of saints and madonnas collected by Giovanni and Carla and the artistic glass Murano by another friend, Dino Bugno: an eclectic and precious ensemble that characterizes the three rooms, and which is also reflected in the careful decoration of the garden, in the shade of centuries-old linden trees.

A house where today’s menu is strictly read verbally “Because it is also a wise suggestion from dad”, Umberto explains: “Menus and price lists are everywhere, while customers here find people who tell and illustrate what the kitchen has to offer, according to. season and tradition “. The highlight of the menu is inevitably the spit that Giovanni, who was awarded the title” Master of Spit “by the association of the same name, personally monitors the large fireplace that dominates one of the rooms:” We have to prepare it every time day, in all seasons, both for lunch and dinner “, he says:” Although our kitchen is also much more, and our chef Nicola Balliana he is very good and imaginative, saliva remains important to most. On the other hand, it is a preparation that requires six hours of cooking, careful preparation and continuous attention, therefore very difficult to make at home. And then, as you know, it is the dish that characterizes the entire kitchen in Pedemontana, so it is also logical, and for us very flattering, that customers always expect to find it. Chef Nicola, who uses help from Federico and, but only for confectionery, also by Umberto, he describes the overall offer as follows: “We try to tell the territory also in the dish, with dishes according to tradition even with a pinch of modernity. We would also like to let the many tourists, including many foreigners who are finally returning in large numbers, taste local customs and products, ranging from mushrooms to wild herbs, from cooking meat “in tecia” to homemade pasta “.

From right Umberto Perenzin and chef Nicola Balliana with his collaborator Federico

Mrs Carla oversees everything, thanks to her long-standing experience in the commercial sector: “I have been married to Giovanni for 42 years and have worked with him for almost twenty years. I am very proud of what he has achieved and how he lives his work with great love. And they are even more than the passion that our son Umberto now shares with him, determined to continue the family tradition with great enthusiasm.

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