Angels, devils, saints and children swing in the sky between the wings of the crowds: Wits parade

PARTICIPATION RECORD, THE 100 THOUSAND CAN – it is impossible to have the exact number of spectators participating in the famous Di Zinno ingenuity parade today in Campobasso, but according to the figures collected between law enforcers and organizers, to which is added the “look” from local tradition experts, participation today is very high and exceeds 100 thousand spectators between Campobasso citizens and visitors from abroad. The accommodation facilities in the capital are fully booked for this specially awaited weekend.

13.00: THE PARADE AGAINST THE GREAT FINAL, TITUUSINDE OF PEOPLE ARE WAITING – A crowd that is hard to count while waiting for the Di Zinno ingenuity to arrive under City Hall for the grand finale of a parade that returns to the city today after a two-year hiatus due to a pandemic. People on the street looking out from the balconies dressed up, cheering, cheering, a few inevitable tears. Meanwhile, the mayor and Vescono end the speech, which is also expected and is extremely dear to Campobassans.

The mysteries arrive the beating heart in the living room of Campobasso. Here they dance along the Corso Vittorio Emanule between two wings of the audience. Thunderous applause, smiles, shining eyes that can not be hidden even behind the mask that more than anyone wears because the distances are zero. A ‘spread’ at a rapid pace, an authoritative and proud parade with the unusual backdrop of nineteenth-century buildings that seem to caress, protect little angels, devils and saints as well as the bearers and of course the bands that continue indefinitely with the famous Moses of Rossini. A passage that we like to never end, but here the first Mysteries turn the corner and disappear. A feeling that lasts several minutes and is never the same. Especially after waiting for her for three long years.

12.30 – WHAT IT NEEDS TO BE ANGIOLETTI – The moment of the replacement of an angel about the mystery of the Immaculate Conception. One child replaces the other who preferred to get off just like many other children who due to the heat, fatigue could not complete the route. In fact, we see several mysteries with vacancies in some cases replaced in others not. “It’s a great feeling to be back here after two years,” are the words of City Councilman Alberto Tramontano, historical bearer of the Immaculate Conception.

12.00 – GOLIARDIA AND FEELINGS IN THE SCENE OF VIA MAZZINI, THOUSANDS ON THE STREET – The parade continues at a good pace in via Mazzini, where thousands of people have historically participated. Goliathic moments linked to the devil’s teasing, moving moments for those who revise their minds after years. THE HEAT becomes intense, the pauses between one Rossini’s Moses and the other more frequent. The first mysteries are projected towards the prison.

Campobasso, the parade of mysteries 2022

EVERYONE WANTED DONZELLA- The girl is the most photographed, in via Mazzini, especially where hundreds of people are crowded to follow the parade. Many people look out from the balconies. And the devil Italo, also an irresistible attraction to the crowd, as well as tempting the girl, picks up the kids who are soiled with black grease paint.

Body domain comes to a standstill

STAKER PAUSE, UNINTERRUPTED RITE – While the Mysteries parade, there are those who use it for a little shopping at the stalls. The colorful bazaars with the goods on display are one of the reasons why people arrive in the city before the procession and stay after the same for the shopping. The point of Viale Elena is certainly among the most crowded, also because the streets, where Ingenuations parades, are combined with business and pleasure on a calm and warm day, but without moisture.

10.30 – ENCHANTING CHILDREN CLIMBING IN THE HISTORICAL CENTER PASSAGE -The mysteries are at the pinnacle of their parade: the passage in the historic center. Here between alleys and streets, balconies filled with people and crowded windows, where children climbed on “metal branches” and strapped on straps and braces, snatch candy and candy. They drink some water during stops, greet and smile at those who call them from the street to get a photo.

The grandeur of this centuries-old tradition is experienced here: in the village of Campobasso. Where it all started. And where there is the solemn pause: in front of the house of Paolo Savero Di Zinno, the one who made all this possible. Which gave form and concreteness to this territorial excellence.

Campobasso, the parade of mysteries 2022

Campobasso, the parade of mysteries 2022

ENGINES IN THE PARK IN FRONT OF THE ZINNO HOUSE – The mysteries are still in front of the house that gave birth to Di Zinno. There is the trumpeter who plays the silence. The bearers bowing their heads in a moment of gratitude for this sculptor’s ingenuity, which reached the pinnacle of his career by transforming seventeenth-century paintings into living statues.

To animate what is quiet: it is the effect created by Zinno’s machines. And here in front of what was his home, an entire city says “thank you.”

This year, one of the bands accompanying the parade consists of students from Galanti Musical High School, who open the parade. This is the first time this has happened.


Here they are: Di Zinno’s 13 inventions leave the museum. They have just returned to where they deserve to be: among the people. With people.

Ten minutes before the usual time (10:00), Campobasso resumes ‘his’ mysteries. And it does so among wings of infinite crowds. Between via Trento, via Milan and via Monforte there is a human river of people that one does not remember. Sant’Isidoro opens the parade and unleashes a long, almost liberating applause that will tirelessly accompany all the other living paintings.

Rossini’s Moses march resonates, the bearers are lined up in an almost military order, the foreman is categorically in his command. We continue, and as San Crispino travels toward the heart of the historic center, they are ready to embrace Campobasso San Gennaro, Abramo, Maria Maddalena, Sant’Antonio Abate, the Immaculate Conception, San Leonardo, San Rocco, the Assumption, San Michele, The most holy heart of Saint Nicholas and Jesus.

Corpus Domini in Campobasso has just come to life. And the capital Molise has the color of never felt emotions.


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