“A new valuable cultural space for society”: Lugagnano’s new library inaugurated

Friday, June 17th finally it Lugagnano’s new library, long awaited by the inhabitants of the village, who attended numerous. And after all the ups and downs the date was certainly not a good omenbut unlike what superstition could suggest everything was fine.

Unique speaker and moderator Commissioner for Maintenance (including) Roberto Merzi, who first of all thanked all those who made possible the creation of these spaces, which Lugagnano had felt the need for for many years. It was a korindsats which involved various offices and municipal departments for design, financing up to the construction and finally preparation of the three classrooms that make up the library.

They intervened director Paolo Bellotti for a description of the work performed e Commissioner Gianmichele Bianco to emphasize the importance of culture, a theme that was also addressed at the time Mayor Gianluigi Mazi in his final greetings

The mayor also emphasized the importance of the work that Sona Municipality performs expand the spaces available to the community: June 2 with the inauguration of the new square in the Palazzolonow library and next Saturday new areas dedicated to associations at the Casa di Alice in Lugagnano.

Visibly excited Dr. Raffaella Tessaro, Head of the Cultural Sector, who has worked in our municipality for several years with passion and dedication, and who we are going to talk about next issue of our magazine at newsagents from Saturday, July 2nd.

Doctor Tessaro retell the story of the reading room, which from a room inside the center, Anne Frank was then moved to the room above the cadastral office, where it had been for nearly thirty years. He then left the floor to a no less enthusiastic Irene Canzan, librarian historian known and loved by all visitors to the small reading room, proud to finally be able to call these new spaces: library.

Doctor Raffaella Tessaro.

Before you continue with the internal visitwhere the children were entertained by an animated reading, the Professor of Library Therapy at Popular University of Sona (our second flagship) Marco Dalla Valle read some passages reminiscent of the beauty of reading and books taken from texts by Daniel Pennac and a poem by Emily Dickinson accompanied by the magical sound of the harp played by musician Emiliano Martinelli.

The harp, the oldest of the accordion instruments, comes from the bow used in battle in antiquity. An instrument of war transformed into an instrument of peace and beauty as we hope these new spaces, along with books and culture can bring beauty to our society.

There is a need for beauty understood as good feelings, good relationships, good life in general and culture is a fundamental element in forming good citizens. We hope that with this new library we can set in motion and set in motion many new initiatives for all age groups from the youngest to the oldest.

The library, located in via A. De Gasperi 13, on the ground floor of Silvio Pellico primary school with independent entrance and with ramp accessible for wheelchairs and people with reduced mobility (but also for mothers with young children, as it is never too early to start reading!) Tuesday from 9 to 13 onwards Wednesday and Friday from 14.30-18.30 with hope of extend opening hours soon.

This new public space entailed an investment of € 150,000 and is currently composed, from three rooms which houses the entrance with the children’s area, the digital space with PCs and real reading room, of a total of 130 square meters. can be extended to the future needs of a cultural center. All walls are set up with shelves occupied by books and the area it is equipped with free wi-fi.

It must also be remembered that Sona-Lugagnano Library it is part of the cycle of Verona Provincial Library System therefore books can be picked up directly from all libraries in the province of Verona belonging to the district, booked as well as from the library also from the website sbpvr.comperio.it or Biblioteca.comune.sona.vr.it by logging in with the credentials on your library card.

For schedules, news and initiatives, it is also possible to consult The library’s Facebook page. Of course, we are all invited to physically go to the library to enjoy the scent of books, as Mayor Mazi rememberedwhich no tablet can ever replace as a chat and a smile.

The pictures of the service are off Mario Pachera.

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