Tonight, the 30th edition of “Positano Sea, Sun and Culture” kicks off with Rossana Dian and Camillo Ricordi

The 30th edition of “Positano Sea, Sun and Culture” with Rossana Dian and Camillo Ricordi starts tonight. The historic review of Positano kicks off tonight “Sea, sun and culture“, Organized byKulturforeningen Mare Sole e Cultura in cooperation with Mondadori and by Positano and led by Aldo Grassoon the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of one of the most important voices of the Italian twentieth century, Dino Buzzati, dedicates his XXX edition to the topic “The wonderful time “, transforms Positano into a literary agora where past and present meet.

To cut the ribbon XXX edition, Saturday, June 18th (21.00 – Palazzo Murat) Rossana Dianauthor with Monica Artoni of the volume I make healthy food with sgarro (Mondadori), and Camillo RicordiDirector of the Diabetes Research Institute in Miami, one of the leading experts in the transplantation of “pancreatic islets” and author of the volume The Code of Healthy Living (Mondadori), will bring to life a reflection on the theme “The time to be born again”.

Greetings from the Mayor of Positano, Giuseppe Guida.
An evening dedicated to time that seems lost, but which we have the opportunity to turn into time to be reborn.

Turning back time is no longer a science fiction hypothesis, but a realistic goal. Not getting old is possible and it depends on us. The code for longevityto healthy it is a set of rules which, if followed with a little discipline, protect our body from damage from cellular aging, from inflammation and from immune weaknesses.

Camillo Ricordi, he and his researchers around the world have dived into the mechanisms of aging and formulated the recipe for a healthy lifespan. A life program that can be summed up in three words: nutrition, exercise, supplements.

Eating in a healthy way is not really a sacrifice, but a duty to ourselves, because the body is a machine that needs care to remain perfect: Deciding to do so by introducing the “cheat” does it to a positive and lasting lifestyle that from They make food.

The deep reason for this approach stems precisely from the personal story of Rossana Dian, a story with a happy ending to a severe eating disorder that plagued her when she was nineteen. The discovery of the love of cooking and good food, transferred to her by her mother, guided her towards her method and lifestyle, a winning method and scientifically validated by nutritionist Monica Artoni.

The meeting will be followed by delivery ceremony of International Civil Journalism Award. The price is led by Arturo Martorelli and conferred by‘Italian Institute of Philosophical Studies, it is awarded to journalists and personalities who have distinguished themselves for their commitment to the protection of civil rights, to investigations and to the courageous support of social values. This year, Aldo Cazzullo, correspondent and columnist for Corriere della Sera, was awarded.

The awarding of the International Prize for Civil Journalism by the Italian Institute of Philosophical Studies to Aldo Cazzullo – declares the President of the award, Arturo Martorelli – rileads to a dual need for recognition of a leading figure in non-fiction in Italy. On the one hand, it is the recognition of a writing ability that is both crucial and measured at the same time, aimed at a broad but never trivial communication. On the other hand, it represents the precise intention of tracing a path to read the history of Italy through its crucial moments, from the Risorgimento to the resistance movement, through the role of women in the post-war period, to daily life. of Italians, up to identification in Dante’s work of the great project of “inventing” Italy. It is with the intention of reconstructing this solid thread of continuity in the history and memory of the homeland that Aldo Cazzullo reveals his deep and authentic civilian calling“.

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