Tolentino lights up the Design Terrae Festival, many guests and appointments

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18/06/2022 – Everything is ready for the first night of the Design Terrae Festival, an event organized by the association of the same name with the artistic direction of Carlo De Mattia and sponsored by Tolentino Municipality. In fact, the rooms of the Castello della Rancia in Tolentino on Thursday 23 June will open to words, art, music with the theme of “transition”.

In fact, the format called SPARK, an event show born in 2021, proposed again this year due to its success, will inaugurate the festival’s five evenings, all free admission, which aims to examine the transition from one state of affairs to another, the search for a transition to social, cultural and environmental sustainability. Host of the opening night on Thursday (free admission, reservation required), starting at 21:00, in the arena’s suggestive space, TV host and author, author and president of the environmental association “ForPlanet Onlus” Tessa Gelisio, who it will move between valuable stories told to the public and spectacular installations that are able to trigger the listeners’ empathy and thereby enrich the scope of the event.

A viaticum traced and repeated today, albeit with the necessary differences, by many guests who were the protagonists of the evening. We will talk about ecology and the environment with Simona Roveda, a Lombard entrepreneur, co-founder in 1986 of Fattoria Scaldasole, a pioneer in the organic market in Italy and in 2000 of LifeGate media network and advisor to a reality operating in sustainability development . The entrepreneur received the international award “Le Tecnovisionarie 2014” in the category Women Media for her ability and intuition to communicate the environment always in a positive and proactive way, which promotes confidence in change in people’s hearts. Craft, fashion and charm in the heart of our mountains will instead be the hot topics taken up by Giacomo Zanchetti, entrepreneur and creative from a family of yarn professionals who today design their bags by combining experience and craftsmanship with innovative techniques for leather production and treatment. The Z chalet in Bolognola was also born out of one of his ideas, in the heart of the Sibillini Mountains National Park, a place full of charm and relaxation, a place to escape perfectly in line with his quest for beauty.

How to turn the “know-how” of our territory into the future, the flagship of Italian fashion will be the topic of discussion with Claudio Rovere, founder, president and CEO of Holding Industriale SpA, a privately held entrepreneurial company investing in small and medium-sized businesses, representative of expertise in Italian manufacturing in fashion. its goal? To propose to the new generations a new path of growth, both professionally and culturally, to build together the Made in Italy that will come. The meeting between digital work and quality lifestyle will instead be the point that Berardino D’Errico has studied for more than 10 years Sales & Marketing in companies like Vodafone, Hera, Italtel, today investor in startups linked to innovative tourism, such as Urban Bikery and SMARTWAY, a young and disruptive reality in a world of teleworking, of which he is the CEO and founder.

And we go back again to the secret heart of nature to protect it and observe it with the team from The Hidden Eye of the Sibillini, a reality born from the idea of ​​four friends who love photography who are eager to tell the lives of the inhabitants of the mountain, which today has numerous collaborators who come from different professional backgrounds. The collective goal is to create a project for the study and protection of the territory, which on the one hand can make the life of the forest known without exposing it to dangers. The great commitment flows into Walden APS, a non-profit social promotion association that aims to improve the environment, landscape and territory with special attention to the highlands. Alongside the words, certainly not far from the facts, art will move between performances and stagings with great effect.

The relationship with the natural and urban environment will be the subject of the construction of Cafelulé’s vertical contemporary dance company, which will show the public another side of the stage, another side of the stage, ie the one that develops vertically. In fact, the company opens a dialogue with gravity through a performance to be enjoyed with the nose up: dance, space, history all in a single show. The leap in emotion then continues with the immersive projections made by the Stark1200 company, a company that has worked for over twenty years in the specialist field of spectacularization of major events and in the creation of emotional museums with spectacular interactive effects. The Design Terrae Festival then gives an appointment on Monday 27 June at 18 with the round table “Landscapes in transition”, a dialogue about the new paths and projects triggered by PNRR in the upper Macerata area.

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