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The Salesian Oratory will be the new seat, albeit provisionally, for the Leonardo Da Vinci Middle School in Figline in the school year 2022/2023. The building that houses the school will actually close to carry out the necessary static and anti-seismic improvement work worth 2 and a half million euros, which was planned for the following year, but which was foreseen after some announcements from the Tuscany Region and the result of the load tests. These days, the municipal administration of Figline and Incisa and the management of the comprehensive institute have therefore had to reorganize everything, to find a place to start teaching again by September.

“We were looking for a place that was close to the center and the Da Vinci School and that would allow us to hold all the classes together,” explained Mayor Giulia Mugnai. In fact, there are 12 classes for about 250 children and about thirty teachers. “Thanks to the important collaboration between the Parish and the Foundation, this solution was found. It is a place located in the heart of Figline and close to the offices of cultural associations and institutions with which we will work to reorganize the laboratory activities. ” Don Lorenzo, parish priest of the college, he explained how the decision to make the seats available was made “in a shared way with the diocese and the clergy of the Oratory, where the needs of the community and the families were evaluated. Not without effort, of course, but voluntarily for the purpose of pursuing the common good “. The oratorio will retain the ground floor space for its many activities.

Presented last night to the School Council, also in the presence of the parents ‘and teachers’ representatives, the solution remains in a dual use of the Oratory’s space: in fact 5 classes they will be placed in the classrooms already on the first floor of the building, which will be adequately equipped; the others 7 classes instead, they will find space in prefabricated rooms to be installed on part of the sports field adjacent to the Oratorio, along with new bathrooms and teachers’ rooms. Therefore, discarding other hypotheses, this was ultimately considered the best possible from different points of view.

A solution that will cost around 220 thousand euros (which will be set aside with a change in the budget and in part also requested from the Region, which provides funds for this purpose) to cover the whole school year, Mayor Mugnai and Councilors Buoncompagni and Bianchini explained: “By staying within this figure we can be streamlined with the procedures, we will be able to outsource everything with an invitation to submit a bid within a maximum of two weeks to identify the operator , who will rent us the structures and install them before the end of August “. These are structures specially designed to host schools with large and equipped classroom spaces (below a preview image). Finally, the didactic secretariat will be moved to office space in the Glass Building, where it will be accessible to families and in any case close to the school complexes.

Meanwhile, the process of work on Da Vinci continues: the project was already ready, it has a value of 2.5 million euros., of which 1 million and 350 thousand euros financed with PNRR funds and the rest, almost half, covered by funds from Figline and Incisa municipality, which are already on the budget. The tender for the assignment is to be closed in the autumn, and the duration of the work is expected to be around ten months. “The goal is absolutely to complete everything by the summer of 2023, to return to Da Vinci headquarters at the beginning of the 2023/24 school year,” Giulia Mugnai explained.

Rector of the comprehensive, Professor Lucia Maddii, commented: “In the school council, we have assessed all the proposals for the temporary relocation of the classes, and by examining the possibilities, we chose the one that allows us to immediately place all students in a single meeting place, without double work or double shifts. Which would have been more unpleasant. For the school, however, it will be a challenge: We will create a ‘widespread school’, as to remedy the lack of space for laboratories we will look for alternative solutions in the area, eg at the Library, at the cinema, at Garibaldi Ridotto, and “thus regaining what was done in the plexus. It will be a challenge and a complicated year, but the teaching staff is prepared and will act by pursuing the best for everyone”.

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