The Capital of Culture, Macelloni, is furious at President Giani

From the left Mayor of Peccioli Renzo Macelloni, the President of the Region Eugenio Giani and the Mayor of San Miniato Simone Giglioli

Attack by the Mayor of Peccioli on San Miniato’s candidacy for 2026

PONTEDERA. The proposal by the President of the Region Eugenio Giani to nominate San Miniato as the Cultural Capital of Italy for 2026 and the subsequent interview with the newspaper The Tyrrhenian Sea by the mayor of Rocca, Simone Giglioli, triggers a controversy that could lead to a fracture that is difficult to cure. For in the run-up to the 2025 edition of the same title, there is Peccioli as head of Valdera. And Mayor Renzo Macelloni did not like the words of Giani and Giglioli at all. “Are we a serious region, or are we on Serious?” Asks Macelloni.

Bischerata risk

“As is known, Peccioli, who receives mandates from other 8 municipalities in the area, officially presented on May 31 last official manifestation of interest in nominating Valdera as the Italian Capital of Culture 2025 – says the mayor of the village of Alta Valdera -. The work of delivering, before 13 September, the dossier in connection with the candidacy has already begun, following the indications and the official deadlines for the tender aimed at 2025. These days, launched by the President of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani, to talk about San Miniato as a possible candidate for 2026. This was followed by an interview, full of operational details, by Mayor Simone Giglioli, who is again relaunching the candidacy for San Miniato’s Capital of Culture for 2026 ». And here comes the rhetorical question about Macelloni – which the famous TV show Mediaset brings up – which adds: “Starting to talk about a race in 2026 for San Miniato does what Valdera has undertaken for 2025, a little more than a bischerata “.

2026 uncertain

Heavy words, but in a sense motivated: “The reality is that at present there are no open tenders and there is nothing concrete for 2026. And there is no certainty as to what the next government and the next Minister of Culture will decide, even the future of the Capital of Culture 2026 is in the hands of a government and a ministry that does not yet exist. ”In fact, next year it may be possible to vote on policies, while voting in local councils is expected in 2024.

Serious reflection

According to Macelloni, “the only real and serious candidacy is Valdera 2025. It would be important for the region of Tuscany to support our candidacy, and I urge all colleagues to reflect seriously. Think how absurd it would have been if, in the race for Volterra to become the Capital of Culture 2022 instead of as mayors of a territory, to support the candidacy we had made our project official for 2023. All with the participation of Tuscany. Region “. In fact, however, Volterra received support from the overwhelming majority of the municipalities in the province, and achieved a shock force that enabled it to reach the top ten finalists, and only gave in to the last one against Procida, proclaimed the winner for current year.

One more plug

But the mayor of Peccioli, who represents a large part of the municipalities in Valdera in this race for the prestigious title, is also looking ahead. But he also launches another sting against the regional body led by Eugenio Giani: “We must concentrate on this path, so as not to weaken it in such an important phase of building a cultural path that has no side in Valderas ahead of time. It goes without saying that it is not clear whether a region in Tuscany fully supports our candidacy or whether you are waiting for a candidacy that you like best. Increase the confusion that makes the credibility of the Valdera proposal objectively weak ». And again: “I would suggest the Tuscany region Andanten by the Barber of Seville:” One at a time, for heaven’s sake “.


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