special birthday for Acquacheta hotel restaurant

That’s right, “Acquacheta” in San Benedetto in the Alps, 200 years ago, a taverna today a hotel restaurant, a business run continuously by the Valtancoli family. From 2018 at the helm of the family business Niccolò Russo, son of Maria Valtancoli and Carmine Russo, in the name of continuity and a true example of the highly praised generational change.

For these reasons, for the seriousness, professionalism and service that the Valtancoli family has provided to the community of San Benedetto for two centuries, as well as the fifty-year membership of the Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia – Ascom Forlì, the leaders of the Association of People President, Roberto Vignatelli, the director, Alberto Zattini, the managing director, Fabrizio Vimari, and the union leader, Gabriele Mambelli, presented a memorial plaque to the Valtancoli-Russo family in memory of the important milestone achieved. On the same occasion, the Provincial President of 50 & Più, Roberto Vignatelli, Maria Valtancoli and Carmine Russo awarded the Honor as Trade Champion and awarded the Golden Eagle.

Telling the story of Acquacheta is an excited and proud of the awards received, Maria Valtancoli, who together with her husband Carmine ran the restaurant / hotel until 2018 and then passed the baton to her son Nicolò Russo, the first owner with a different surname, because it carries the father’s. This reason led in 2018 to the decision to add the surname Valtancoli to the name “Acquacheta” so that the origin is not lost over time.

“Despite all the various renovations and expansions, the place is still where people ate and drank 200 years ago. My father, Renato Valtancoli and my mother, Wilma Pieri, and then my grandfather Emilio Valtancoli managed it before me. Grandfather Vincenzo Valtancoli, great-great-grandfather Pietro and the first of all, Vicienzo. According to rumors in the house, Vicienzo was also a postman, and this activity, like the pub, has been passed down from generation to generation. , the last postman in the Valtancoli family “.

“In the beginning – explains Maria and returning to the pub – there were no rooms. There was only the ground floor where customers stopped to eat and drink. It was very crowded, especially on Sundays, because everyone in the area, after being at Mass, in the afternoon they came to play cards and drink and stay here in the evening. They took a quarter of a liter or a pint of wine and a piece of cheese with bread. Then there was no glass of wine like today. ‘s it was raised by one floor and 5 bedrooms were built. After 15 years another floor was built. We had reached 11 rooms and with no air conditioning in the summer we were a number of people who wanted up here to spend the hottest days of summer Until 2000 there were holidays, people came from the city or from the hottest areas to spend 15 or 20 days in the fresh air, go for walks, eat well, then you will have the crisis, you want cond air conditioning came into all the houses, the grandparents stayed in town to keep theirs grandchildren, while parents continued to work even in the summer, perhaps traveled for a few weekends. This is how our way of doing tourism has changed. ”

“Now, fortunately, excursion tourism has developed for 5 or 6 years, and therefore they book through booking to sleep, but usually it is one or at most two nights. The situation is different for the restaurant. Coming from everywhere, it becomes difficult even we have preserved the traditional dishes of Romagna and Tuscany, here we are right on the border, integrated with many types of homemade pasta, including potato tortelli not found in Romagna, pizza in the evening.We are famous above all for our rustic antipasto, a mixture of hot appetizers based on truffles, porcini mushrooms, Tuscan-style croutons. Only here we eat such an appetizer. Then we work a lot with mushrooms, black truffles, roast, kid, Florentine, grilled meat. People come to us, because in addition to quality, we offer quantity. And what is left, they take away. In the kitchen, nothing comes back to us “.

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