School, summer plan 2022: projects also funded in some Lametine institutes

Catanzaro – More than 57,000 projects to be carried out in 3,119 schools: the ranking of PON funding for schools (European resources) for the Summer 2022 plan is now available. The project proposals will be implemented with a budget of 179 million euros, as they represent one of the sources of funding made available to carry out the activities.

From art, music and sports workshops to creative writing. And again digital skills, education for active citizenship, legality and care of common goods, music and song. The summer school, the Ministry of Education’s Plan to involve female students, on a voluntary basis, from June to September, takes shape again this year as a momentary building of didactic innovation and good practice. With reference to the PON call, the authorized teaching modules are 57,046 for a total of 1,711,380 hours of activity. In allocating resources this year, priority was given to schools in northern and central Italy that had not participated in the final edition of the summer plan. A total of 1,061,824 female students are involved in 3,119 schools, of which 2,030 are in 1st, 1,058 in 2nd and 31 Adult Education Centers. Schools have submitted projects to activate in particular modules for the improvement of language skills (17%), for strengthening in STEM subjects (14%), on digital (10%) and for physical education (10%). Modules of art, theater and creative writing (9%) will also be activated, to strengthen functional alphabetical competence (19%) and in the field of cultural awareness and expression (9%), music and song (5%). Among other things: creative and craft workshops for the improvement of common goods, entrepreneurial competence, education for active citizenship and care of common goods, teaching about legality and human rights.

As for Calabria, 216 schools are funded, including 9 institutes in Lamezia. The projects of “Don Lorenzo Milani” Comprehensive Institute, “Tommaso Campanella” High School, Sant’Eufemia Lamezia Comprehensive Institute, “Galileo Galilei” Scientific High School, Borrello-Fiorentino Comprehensive Institute “, were approved to be approved” Gatti “Comprehensive Institute , “Valentino de Fazio” Economic Technical Institute, “Francesco Fiorentino” Classical High School, “Nicotera Costabile” Comprehensive Institute.

Melicchio (M5S): “Calabrian schools are again the main characters this summer “

“The summer school plan, which was successfully proposed last year, is also back to 2022, to bring the school back to the center of society by providing opportunities to regain time and sociability that were put to the test in the last years of the pandemic. Calabria they have been funded 216 first and second cycle schools and a Provincial Center for Adult Education (CPIA) “. This was stated in a note by the deputy of M5s Alessandro Melicchio.

“The project proposals from the 217 Calabrian schools – Melicchio continues – will be implemented with a total budget of almost 11 million euros with activities ranging from creative and craft workshops to improving common goods to teaching about legality and human rights, from laboratories of art, theater and sports for creative writing And again, strengthening language skills, strengthening in basic subjects and in digital and entrepreneurial skills, training for active citizenship, strengthening functional reading skills and in cultural awareness and expression, physical education, music and song “. “The summer school, the Ministry of Education’s plan to involve female students on a voluntary basis from June to September – emphasizes the parliamentarian – therefore also takes shape in our region this year as a moment for the construction of ‘didactic innovation and good practice. “be even more important because special emphasis will be placed on the reception, inclusion and involvement of Ukrainian students. The Calabrian schools are again the main characters this summer, therefore, transforming themselves into places of community, meeting, growth, confrontation with the territories”.

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