ReggioFest2022, widespread culture for the suburbs

The announcement has been made, allocating nearly one million euros to entities funded under the Single Entertainment Fund

REGGIO CALABRIA – Relaunch of socio-cultural and economic events and activities in the city, with special attention to outlying areas and crucial focus on the territorial animation model understood as a public service. Based on these assumptions, the public executive order, which the municipality has announced in its praetorian register, moves on the selection of project proposals and the granting of grants to subjects who carry out initiatives within the project. “ReggioFest2022: Widespread culture “.


The measure falls within the framework of the program agreement between the Ministry of Culture and the municipality of Reggio Calabria on the realization of professional projects in the field of live entertainment (in all its forms: theater, music, dance, performing arts, opera) to be carried out in areas other than the historic center. and with a programming of live events in the period between July 15 and December 31, 2022. These activities, also reads the same public proclamation, will also be carried out through the use of public spaces in the city, promoting the socio-cultural and economic vitality of the neighborhoods, with the benefit of all productive and commercial activities, including those that are usually disadvantaged by poor visibility and peripheral location.


Another element that crucially characterizes the operational guidelines of the Communication concerns the topics involved, namely the entertainment operators and workers related to the cultural sector, which fall within the Reggio Calabria metropolitan area. A purpose that is strongly desired by the municipal administration with the dual goal of protecting the level of employment in the local area and, on the other hand, supporting the realities that have clear roots in the area.

Space for neighborhoods

It is an initiative of great importance and animated by very concrete goals “, comments on the municipal council for Culture and Tourism, Irene Calabrò, which emphasizes the centrality of an action that “Identifies its strengths in the inclusiveness and strengthening of the districts with a view to greater participation and leading role for all areas of the city in socio-cultural dynamics. The basic goal thus – notes the representative of Palazzo San Giorgio – which the local government is focusing on is to support the path to the revitalization of the suburbs, which in recent years, also due to the pandemic crisis that disrupted relations and social initiatives, has paid a very high price in the form of increased margins and pockets of adversity. “

The content

“The hope is therefore, – Councilor Calabrò concludes – is that the subjects for which this Order is intended can join with enthusiasm and participation in this initiative, and propose themselves, through their skills and their various talents, as architects of a path to cultural and expressive rebirth, which in this historic moment represents an urgent need, especially for the outlying areas of our city. With the concept of widespread culture, which this measure is convinced of, we want to go precisely in this direction, that is, to embrace more arts, to promote moments of cultural comparison and sharing, to trigger, especially among the younger generations, a new push in the direction of ‘civil commitment and care for the common good’.

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