pp. 2022-2023 explained by the Minister of Education

How to imagine and build the school of the future. This is perhaps one of the biggest challenges Ministry of Educationtrying to meet at the needs of their students. A school therefore that knows how to keep up with change technologically, changing the environment and teaching methods for teaching. The decision to renovate the Italian classrooms comes from the awareness that environments affect the learning process.

That is exactly what the Minister was talking about Patrizio Bianchiafter signing School plan 4.0: a real intervention “concretely transforming our schoolIf the pandemic has only worsened, ie pre-existing structural problems in Italian education – such as the territorial divide – the goal set by the Ministry of Education is to return to normality, but to overcome the current problems.

The “school of the future” is therefore an environment that is not only renewed, but also open and spacious, why Summer plan 2022, where schools are encouraged during the summer period to take responsibility for the difficulties in the world of children and young people, with special attention to minors from war zones. The air of renewal and progress seems to rest on a solid foundation, that of the gods funds of Pnrrwhich allows basic actions such as “combating the spread and construction of kindergartensFaced with such a promise, it is advisable to know what school to students foras 2022-2023 and for future: here so what are the main points of the school curriculum.

School plan 4.0: 100 thousand innovative classrooms for teaching

They will be 100 thousand that classrooms which throughout our national territory will be renewed to create innovative spaces for teaching. This seems to be one of the basic points of the new School plan 4.0. Classrooms should have advanced technologies, digital devices to meet students’ needs. Each classroom must have monitors and digital devices and equipment for one immersive teachingwhich makes more interactive lessons And not frontal. The plan also provides for the implementation in each high schoolfrom laboratories for the “profession of the future”, with space and the necessary equipment to learn skills in areas technologically.

According to what was explained by Minister Bianchi change Sara very quick. In fact, it will not be expected no message: The Ministry of Education will itself distribute the funds based on the number of classrooms and students; in this way, each school gets its own resources to be able to renew the school environment. There will be a planning group at each department, involving teachers and students. L ‘total investment in the school curriculum it becomes of € 2.1 billion across Pnrr and, as explained by Bianchi, they can be made using other structural funds all classrooms of the innovative country by 2026. An intervention which, if implemented, would be “the largest total intervention of this type ever” in Italy.

The new school 2022-2023: new employment and teacher training

For one innovative teaching the education of teachers. There digital teacher education is essential to be able to support School plan 4.0ThereforePnrr goals will be maintained, as the Minister has explained during a conversation with Sun 24 hours. The ministry’s goal is to radically change the education model, provide experience abroad and thematic in-depth campuses. “Even the decree we approved is currently being considered by the Senate committees (ie Teacher recruitment and education reform) is heavily dependent on the training of our teachers and staffThe reform should include changes not only in the university course but also in education during working life.

Finally, the ministry is strivingemployment of 60 thousand teachers by August 31stexpedite bankruptcy proceedings, including recruitment reform others are expected to be hired 70 thousand teachers in 2024

School plan: ITS reform

For next school year 2022-2023 the reform of Higher technical institutes (Dens). The Minister announced that he had reached the end of the process of approving the reform, which increased the training offer. Funds for a total 1.5 billionnot only by strengthening training courses, but by supporting relation to the areas. By the end of the summer, the ministry should be able to allocate the first 500 million euros to institutions to strengthen laboratories and increase laboratory training to “puts them at the center of the great transformation of our production system“.

These are the basic points of tomorrow’s school, and there is no doubt that the Ministry of Education has every intention of changing the face of the Italian school and thus the teaching.

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