Petritoli invests in culture. “Our summer between tradition and novelty”. Crepe face of the tip, the cove and the carriages safety

PETRITOLI – Summer is here. Next to Mayor Luca Pezzani is Pamela Barelli, Councilor in charge of associations, Daniela De Carolis, Delegate for Culture, and President of Pro Loco, Maria Laura Flocco. Behind the scenes Commissioner Marco Vesprini.

“Events are the life of the country, they represent its dynamics. Petritoli, from this point of view, is at the forefront of knowing how to unite the municipality and associative realities.” The return to ‘normality’ with the cessation of the state of emergency increases the desire to leave and live everyday life.

News is the brochure that combines tourism and culture with the aim of helping the country’s commercial activities. “It tells the beauties of the municipality and all the events that will accompany tourists and citizens until September, but also the places to sleep and eat. We are one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, we are here to remember it and show it to everyone. without ever forgetting that we are the wedding village, an unparalleled wedding destination, ”emphasizes Mayor Pezzani, who does not cut resources on culture and tourism. “Culture is not made without cost, free is for a few things”.

Cycling and cult events are back, “makes me say that I expect a lot, we have to bring people into the village. Those who come to visit us must understand that we are always alive and dynamic and that we have a lot to offer in terms of good food and hospitality, ”he continues.

Culture is a common thread, because it is also tradition and associations. After a fantastic theater season, De Carolis thought of engaging moments: “Do not miss the concert in the Memorial Park on July 22 with a lesson on the importance of music. As we are one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, we must be a reference at the provincial level. We need to be a beacon for the hinterland, and to do that we need to raise the bar. “An ambitious project, but for those who have the tallest bell tower of all, it is possible to illuminate them below.

A photo exhibition combined with the cove party becomes an additional attraction and involves the library. De Carolis then thought of using the different towns: “Not only our place, but spaces with landscapes like kindergarten and Moregnano Square, where we aim to attract young people on August 25”, and Valmir “. Super guest is Paolo Crepet on July 29 with an evening dedicated to ‘The Crepet method’. “An expensive but desirable choice.” We laugh on August 18 with ‘Comic Duo’ who grew up with Brignano and often at Brancaccio in Rome.

There is the agreement with ‘Food as culture’, which after wine, oil and bread addresses the theme of beer, with Petritoli, which is part of the national circuit ‘The city with beer’. To then close on September 25 with Professor Severini and a book dedicated to the transition from Conte to Draghi.

The associations are involved, starting with the Valmir family center, which presents ‘Tramonto di vino’. Do not miss the party for the cove and the race of the wagons. “The Cove goes back to the past, which is the foundation of our future. This year the floating parade is changing. Many districts are depopulated, too many old people have left us, and young people must still be truly separated, and therefore we have only a few floats. , we place them in some corners of the country, including the one accompanying the painting of the Madonna.To dance saltarello will be children and young people, but also foreigners living in Petritoli.All accompanied by the food of the past and to close the show with flags and fire, ”explains the president of Pro Loco.

It is the program on 9 and 10 July, which then ends on 20-21. August with the Madonna party and the tub race, which will entertain everyone and especially involve young people. Four days of pizza and beer in mid-July, complete with a selection of Miss Italia in Valmir. Paella and Sangria will be confirmed at the end of the month, while the sporbatura returns after the year of the pandemic from 11 to 13 August with guided tours of the historic center. “Another news – adds Councilor Barelli – is the attack on the castle”.

Many associations involved, good at not overlapping the posters and at crossing historical dates with new appointments such as English workshops with a mother tongue teacher who will animate the kindergarten and enjoy at Bookmarks, the festival dedicated to translators.

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