Landini: our project for Italy

Secretary-General of the CGIL from the scene in Piazza del Popolo: “We want to write our budget law and propose it to the government and the political forces. There is a social emergency going on and the only way to solve it is to increase wages, fight precariousness and eliminate inequalities “

“We do not want to stop here, because we really want to change this country.” With these words, Maurizio Landini concluded his speech from Piazza del Popolo in Rome below national demonstration by CGIL. “We want to write our budget law, which is to be presented to the government,” he said. two years, we will be cut off. Instead, we will confront each other before decisions are made. Before publishing the budget, we must provide a new demonstration of strength and content. For this, we meet again in the squares of Italy to advance our proposals. And if they do not listen to us, we put in everything necessary to make us listen ”.

In front of a crowded space despite the heat, Landini has put all the issues at the center of the initiative, which concludes a road with over 200 meetings throughout Italy: work, insecurity, contracts and wage increases; but also representation, health and safety, the right to education, social justice and peace. “There has been no real tax reform in this country because the government has not agreed to give more to those who take less,” he said. But today, no one in Italy does not recognize it people do not reach the end of the month, because wages are low. We have been saying this for some time, and we are repeating it here: there is a social emergency and we need to intervene now, not tomorrow. Good to have brought home the first 200 euros in July, but one of us needs intervention one time amount, at 200 euros every month, to be able to live with dignity. The only way to solve the problem of wages is to increase them, there is no other solution ”. For the CGIL secretary, the tax issue is therefore “central”. But a delegation law “still does not exist”. However, if the newspapers’ progress is valid, the one the government is elaborating on is not good. They have to discuss it again because it does not fight tax evasion, it does not reduce taxation for those who take less, it does not lead to progressiveness’.


Another passage of his speech Landini used on widespread job insecurity: “When there are people who, despite doing the same work in the same place, do not have the same rights and do not have the same protections, there is a problem that affects everyone. Even us and our behavior. We must fight to ensure the rights of all workers. So as this is the year of our Congress, we will write our proposals to the political forces and ask them to meet them and tell them concretely what to do. Because to change the uncertainty, we need to change the crazy laws that have been made in recent years. Our mobilization will begin with negative responses ”. CGIL is also ready to fight against the loss of rights in subcontractors, leading to “exploitation, slavery and death in the workplace”.

No less important are the passengers from Landini health, school and pension: “If you invest in new hospitals, in the area of ​​community centers, for social assistance, we are fine – he said -. But there is a need to do many more, also because we have a country where, through the wrong reform of the Constitution, we have a different healthcare system depending on the region. So there is a lot to change without spending public funds on handing them over to private individuals. This is not acceptable to us ”. And the same goes for school and lifelong learning, especially today, with the pandemic that has taught us how much technology can improve our lives, but also the inequalities between people. The struggles that CGIL is waging therefore belong to everyone: “We have gathered delegates from all categories with pensioners and students. In order to discuss work and retirement, we must actually stick together, for we must develop a new social model that is able to respond to everyone’s needs and demands. This is the fruit of the confederation that separates us as a trade union “.

Finally a thought about the sole war in Ukraine: “More than 100 days have now passed since the beginning of the Russian invasion. Today, the war has become the fourth or fifth news in a row in the newspapers. But the bombing continues and people keep dying. So I think we should never, as now, say with even more force that that war should be stopped. And that peace is not practiced by increasing armaments, but by more rights and more democracy. Here, too, we will not stop confirming that we must abolish war as an instrument for resolving the relationship between people and states ”.

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