I greet my fifth graders. Letter

Posted by Domenico D’Aguì – Dear friends, I hesitated for a long time before writing these lines: I was (and am) afraid of being rhetorical, banal or again
worse, sticky. In any case, I can not help but think that last Monday was the last time we met
everybody. But that is, after all, what your teachers and I have been working for: to enable you to meet new challenges, new experiences without our help … I have no doubt that you will be able each on their manner. .

Thanking you and your parents for the thought you wanted to reserve for me is the least I can do, but the greatest gift was the time together, the occasions when we, even in the midst of a devastating pandemic, were able to to laugh and smile. And if this has somehow made your efforts to become less stressful (because it’s hard and complicated to grow up), I can only feel inside. I do not know how much he was able to teach you; I just wish I was able to make you understand that our minds and hearts are the most powerful weapons we have: use them well because they will set you free.

I belong to a generation that dreamed of revolution, imagined a better world where everyone had the same opportunities …

Unfortunately, that was not the case: today inequalities have increased, democracy and peace are more in danger than ever. In fact, we can not define a reality as truly democratic, where, even in our “advanced” country, there are those who forgo essential medical care because they can not bear the cost of health tickets, there is no democracy when DAD sees some students will be able to rely on powerful computers and fast connections, while others will have to make do with the small screen of a mobile phone connected to an unstable and slow mobile network.

It is not enough to reaffirm the principle of equality: it is necessary that everyone is really guaranteed the same opportunities.

You are a gift in search of its future.
The past lies before us, what will be must still be imagined and built.
Well, I hope you are able to be better than us, that you know how to realize what has remained good intentions: beautiful ideas that have not passed the test of time.
The school often offers you (wrong) questions that others have thought of for you, which you can answer with the words that others have already written.

What I am asking you, however, is not to stop asking yourself the reason for what is happening around you, to keep asking yourself questions, not to stop looking for answers. There is no other way to grow, because through these questions you will search, and sooner or later you will find yourself.

I do not care if you do not remember the names of the seven kings of Rome (who by the way were not seven …), but my words will not have been useless, that you will have understood that each of these kings represents a period of monarchical Rome; it does not matter if you remember the names of the triumvirates well, but it is important to understand that the crisis of the republic is the failure of politics, which, unable to resolve social tensions and alleviate economic inequalities, leads to the inhabitants of the eternal city desire one man alone a commandment which in itself resolves once for all conflicts of which no reasonable resort can be imagined.

Think of our present, and you will understand that there is a certain resemblance to what happened two thousand years ago on the banks of the Tiber …

Maybe not everyone will be able to tell me exactly how many inhabitants of Lombardy are (so what?) But I hope that at least someone knows what a volcano is, a fault line, what we mean by continental drift, what is the relationship between resources, characteristics of a territory and human activities.

The rest is nothing: it only serves to create the fools of the living room able to amaze those present by spreading dates, data and names, but unable to their own and original thoughts.

Here, what I had the ambition to do is to enable you to think, to reason on your own about facts and phenomena, because that is the only way that leads us to be truly free. And it does not matter if they tell you that you have extravagant ideas or are rebels ready to challenge anything and everyone: it also happened to the greats of the past like Leonardo, Copernicus, Pasteur, Wegner, Gandhi …

Winning has nothing to do with wealth or fame: it is being able to be oneself, it is feeling good in one’s own skin, recognizing oneself in the choices one makes.
Therefore, always be open to the new and the unusual, take advantage of the unexpected opportunities that chance gives us, make a mistake an opportunity (do you remember how penicillin was discovered?).
Do not be stubbornly curious.
Now our paths part, and it is true that it is so, but do not believe and do not be afraid to be alone on your journey: there is something about me that for good and evil will always remain in you, as f. ex. you will always remain an important part of me.

However, I will always be there, and the means to get in touch with me are certainly not lacking …
Therefore, I apologize if I have sometimes not been up to my task, and thank you for making me richer with your questions and happier for your smiles, for you have taught me, even through your mistakes, how I do my job better. , grateful to have given me the desire and strength to find the necessary breath to keep talking to yourself when I missed this, I hug you once more.
May the blessed name watch over you, protect you, and keep you from harm.

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