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By Chiara Marchetti

Finalestense at thirty: the desire to dress has no age

To dress or not. For those closer to thirty than twenty, this is the dilemma of the days up Finalestense. The fear of feeling like a boomer among teenagers is a reality, as is the fear of feeling out of place at a party that was more anticipated than New Year’s Eve before the pandemic. Impossible to pretend it’s not there, impossible to miss, even though each edition begins with an “I swear it’s the last time” or “I’m too old for these things”.
Finalestense is Finale e be finala deal that brings home those who live and work far away, bringing them forward that usually hang out in places like Salotto in Mirandola or Rimessa del Golf in Cento.

There is a sense of pride that removes those who participate and surprises those who thought they were too big for certain things. A three-day event in the streets of an old town tends to be stumbled upon, but which, thanks to people’s smiles, seems to regain life and vitality. This year, the spaces dedicated to the event have been reduced due to construction sites for the redevelopment of Piazza Garibaldi and sites for the renovation of the Duomo, but the new organization is not creating any discomfort. On the contrary, having everything in one street with markets and pubs gives a sense of togetherness and does not spread joy.

You go out with the last rays of the sun filtering in between kroer, there are few people on the street. For a second, the thought is alienating, have people forgotten the magic and the party? The most anxious have even ordered dinner until 7.30pm, others rush to buy pancakes before they run out. The stands are starting to fill up, as is the queue to buy puff pastry under the arcades, where, as everyone knows, it tastes better. But it is when one sees the first guys go fast because they arrive late for the show that the atmosphere is filled with enthusiasm, the same enthusiasm that has lain dormant from two years of Netflix series and masks. THAT drums in the distance they give the start signal to the procession, and while the sun has already set and torches and candles are lit, this is where it begins. First the knights in armor, then the nobility and the figurants, or perhaps it is the other way around. It is not clear where the show started, who started first and where they are going. Of course, it does not matter. Meanwhile, many people ate at home and then flocked to the streets and watched the procession. There are those who film everything and wonder when there will be time and desire to see a half-hour choir and waving flags. Then they are here, the boys of the circles. The last of the peasants come forward, with their energy and enthusiasm as they sing, clapping their hands in time and shouting incomprehensible things. You can see that they feel like part of a group, part of something important, even just for one night. Those who observe from the outside want to be dragged into the pit, almost in the hope that someone will break out of the procession and take him by the hand. It does not happen, and we move on, in the direction of the Social Theater. Here the mercenaries from the east play with fire, simulate battles and perform stunts, but the attention begins to wane. Now you can mix with each other, the teams no longer exist. Bulls with capuchins, pirates with dragons. For those who participated in the Finale, it seems to be back in high school, and as then, there are people who pretend not to see each other, despite having frequented the same places for ten years. But they also see friends of all time whose lives have been pushed away. We get updated, because from social networks we – fortunately – do not always understand everything. What are you doing now, where do you work, who are you with. But do you know she’s pregnant? Many new families, children ready to take over from their parents. Although the pandemic was hard to endure, and for almost three years the fun had to take place in the back seat, drunk children can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Maybe it’s just the first night, or maybe the typical and embarrassing tradition of fainting in public gardens has disappeared.
Finalestense is back and is the heart sank. Assures and comforts, floods you with memories and creates new ones. At the end of prime time, the dilemma is no longer to dress or not to dress, but to decide which circle to belong to.

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