Events for children and families in Naples and nearby on the weekend of 17 to 19 June 2022

Many events and activities in Naples for children and their families with visits, exhibitions, workshops and many leisure activities almost everything in the open area. Here is the weekend program from June 17 to 19, 2022

They resume too events for children and families, with the utmost care and in accordance with the applicable rules to pass on, in safety, moments of serenity and play in the city and nearby, almost always in the open area. Among the many events taking place in and near Naples weekend from 17 to 19 June 2022 we point out below for children and families who advise you to contact the organizers to know all the exact information and safety measures adopted.


Super Heroes & Co. in Robinson Park in Mostra D’Oltremare in Naples

Until July 31, 2022 ua special exhibition in Naples that allows you to take a journey among superheroes, princesses and cartoon characters most loved by children and adults in the Robinson Park in Mostra d’oltremare Super Heroes & Co

Open Air: Teatro dei Piccoli in the park from Mostra d’Oltremare in Naples

They also continue in June and until Sunday, July 31, 2022, in principle in every weekend and on public holidays, the events of “Open Air” review at the Teatro dei Piccoliin Mostra d’Oltremare in Naples with performances including theater, concerts and workshops for children Open Air: Teatro dei Piccoli

Campania Theater Festival: free visits and events for children all day in Capodimonte

A great theater festival, not only the Campania Theater Festival, but also beautiful shows for children. Guided tours on foot and by bike, Yogacanto and meetings to harmonize spirit and nature. Campania Theater Festival: free events in Capodimonte

Children's theater

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Mann For Kids: free educational workshops for children at MANN

Restart safely free activities for children of MAN, the great National Archaeological Museum of Naples. “Get sent to MAN” which provides free events until June 2022 Next Sunday June 19, 2022 – Archaeological clones Get sent to MAN

LaniKids25: events for children and families in Santa Caterina a Formiello

10 agreements until 18 June 2022, between culture and games, entertainment and gathering for children and families on Lanificio25, at Porta Capuana in the monumental island of Santa Caterina in Formiello Next Saturday, June 18 – Reading Workshop – My Grandfather is Michelangelo Bookstore ” LaniKids25

Pizza Village on the seafront: In the evenings, great free concerts and even workshops for kids

From Friday the 17th to Sunday the 26th of June 2022 the big party of Pizza Village on the waterfront of Naples with 40 real pizza ovens and with most world famous pizzerias. Every night many free concerts and events. The concert program

Autumn in the pine forest - shows and workshops for children at Mostra d'Oltremare

Teatro dei Piccoli – Photo Pino Mitraglia

Free evening visit with Taralli to the catacombs of San Gennaro in Naples for up to 12 years

Aperivisite, with Aperitif are special evening visits in the magnificent and suggestive catacombs in San Gennaro, Naples with openings Saturday and Sunday evenings. An atmospheric evening of guided tour that allows us to get to know one of the most beautiful and extraordinary places in the city, one of the most beautiful underground cavities found in the city and also a place with unique historical memory for Naples. Up to 12 years is free. next June 18 and 19 Evening visit to the catacombs of San Gennaro

ETHNE, world dances in Edenlandia six free shows

Six free evenings, for the ETHNE Dances from the world festival, which offers us dances from around the world with 12 shows in six evenings. June 9, 2022: SWIG, Claudio Baiamonte – June 16, 2022: TANGO, Vincenzo Caiazzo. .. ETHNE, in Edenlandia

Free yoga sessions in the park at Villa Floridiana in Naples

Until June 18, 2022 at start “Wellness in Florida “, a cycle of free meetings for adults and children dedicated to well-beingin Floridiana Park. Next June 18 Den Wellness in Floridiana

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Free summer party 2022 in Nisida: walk through the trails on the island closed to the public

It will be held on Sunday, June 19, 2022 on the island of Nisida in Naples“Summer party in Nisida with Nesis” with a walk in nature and exhibition of artistic objects. A special morning e available and Nisida. Free summer party 2022 in Nisida

Free for children Palazzo Piacentini in via Toledo, seat of the Banco di Napoli and the new museum for the galleries in Italy

Palazzo Zevallos closed in Naples, but a new large 10,000-square-foot headquarters was opened for the large museum of the Gallerie d’Italia in Naples. Many great looks with Caravaggio’s great work and all the other masterpieces that were in Palazzo Zevallos, but also many new features. The museum for Italian galleries in Naples

Evening openings for only 2 euros at MANN, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples (free up to 18 years)

Until July 14, 2022, every Thursday night MAN of Naples will perform one extraordinary evening opening from 20.00 to 23.00, at the symbolic price of only 2 euros. Next June 16th. Evening openings for only 2 euros on MAN

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One of the park’s historic attractions reopens in Edenlandia

One of the historic attractions in Edenlandiathe manor or the ghost castle, reopened to the public after a careful restoration. THATl Manor it will receive visitors again in its huge toothless mouthYou only pay 3 euros The manor reopens

Lego Store opens in Vomero, the first store in Naples

It opens soon in Naples, in the central via Scarlatti, in the large Vomero pedestrian area, the first Lego Store in the city to the delight of all followers of the colored bricks. Lego and Naples

Museo del Mare in Naples between new proposals and existing ones

A proposal for a new location for the Naples Sea Museum in an inadequate structure. What are the museums of the sea in Naples. Sea Museum. The Museo del Mare is part of the beautiful aquarium located in Villa Comunale in Naples Naples Aquarium is the oldest in Italy and is a must visit.

In Edenlandia free admission and rides for 2 or 3 euros

free admission e many attractions costing from 2 to 3 euros. In Edenlandia, admission is always free and the rides cost 2o 3 euros for just a few 5 euros. Listen Times and prices for individual games

Children’s toys from 2000 years ago are on display at Mann

Until June 2, 50 exhibitorsextracted from the Museum’s deposits for it exhibition “Playing to perfection”treasures today, but centuries ago, simple toys from our ancestors. Play to perfection


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La casina del re Lazzarone: traveling night show at Casina Vanvitelliana

Saturday 18 June at 21.00 and 22.15One night in the cottage“With the travel show “King Lazzarone’s Little House” an event you must not miss magnificent Casina Vanvitelliana del Fusaro. A night in the cottage “

Fireflies and sibyl at Lake Avernos: Night hike with tasting

June 18 and 25, 2022, will be kept a lovely night trip on Lake Avernosøenin Campi Flegrei to discover latest fireflies. On toes it will explore the right bank of Lake Averno in search of fireflies “Fireflies and sibyls”

Infiorata by Cusano Mutri: The flower carpets return to the streets of Borgo

Sunday, June 19, 2022 a Cusano Mutrithe beautiful village of Sannio, we return to celebrate in presence Infiorata del Corpus Domini. The entire historic center of Cusano Mutri will host the creations of floral paintings on the street Infiorata by Cusano Mutri

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The 11 extraordinary trails to get to know and explore Vesuvius National Park

Mount Vesuvius is an extraordinary place, a true paradise of biodiversity that can be comfortable explored on foot thanks to 11 extraordinary trails immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, almost 60 kilometers long in total, between stunning panoramas and unique places in the world Vesuvius’ 11 extraordinary paths

Walking With Fireflies: The Dance of the Fireflies

In the magnificent surroundings by Campi Flegrei Morea will accompany you in one guided nature trail to discover the magic dance of the fireflies, which illuminate the walks early summer evenings. A natural sight not to be missed. An event that is extremely suitable for children… of all ages and will take place in the evening of Phlegraean Fields A lovely evening walk there there walking along the paths around the lake will lead you to see the unique sight of fireflies in their natural environment. The evening walk will be held on 17-19. June 2022 at 20.15. Price: 10 euros adults / 5 euros children from 6 to 13 years. Reservations required and information 3281917307 – Official event Morea

Bus del Mare from Vomero to Capo Miseno for the summer of 2022

From Saturday, June 11, 2022 the bus connection is resumed daily EAV goes from Arenella to Misenofrom the hills of Naples to the magnificent sea of Miseno on the Flegrean coast, passing through the Vomero and Fuorigrotta area The sea bus

Ph Living Dinosaurs Caserta

“Living Dinosaurs”: the exhibition featuring the great dinosaurs near the Royal Palace of Caserta

The exhibition will be held in the large gardens near the Royal Palace in Caserta until 26 June “Living dinosaurs”with more than 30 full-scale dinosaur species that moves, breathes and comes to life in the largest Jurassic Park in Europe. “Living dinosaurs”

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