Car tax: the news from 2022

The car tax is one regional car tax, paid if you own a vehicle. It simply means that anyone who owns a particular vehicle is required to pay the so-called stamp, ie the property tax. All of this should be noted whether the vehicle is used or not. For some years we have been hearing about the abolition of this tax, though also for those 2022 has been confirmed, yes, there is some news too.

Compared with previous years, there are e.g. not foreseen any extensions for 2022 and those that have been force in 2020 and in 2021 due to the pandemic. Payment is therefore returned no later than the last day d month after the expiration month of the previous stamp.

Scrapping of tax bills

The main novelty of the stamp for the year 2022 it is about scrapping tax bills due to non-payment for the period 2000-2010, with an amount not exceeding 5 thousand euros. It is considered a tax income for 2019 up to 30 thousand euros. This means that the debt has been automatically written off since November last year, therefore in case of arrears it is no longer necessary to pay them.

Payment via PagoPA

It also stands still for this year mandatory payment via the system PagoPAconcerning all payments of public administration. This means that all methods (both online and physical sites) associated with that computer system can be used.

Some examples:

  • Physical locations: if you intend to pay the car tax in person, you can go to the post offices, ACI offices, car practice agencies or use the authorized bank branches.
  • Online: to pay taxes without leaving home, you can use the home banking tools, the Satispay app, the IO app (enabled only to pay taxes in some regions) or visit the ACI website or even the Poste Italiane.
  • The bank’s domicile: as an alternative to the two previous solutions, you can choose to have the stamp duty be domiciled in your credit institution, in the regions that allow it. In general, this solution allows you to achieve a reduction in the amount to be paid, and in addition, there is no risk of incurring fines due to oversights.

Speaking of facilitation and greater simplicity, one must remember that also with regard to determination of car liability insurance you can do it directly online. In this regard, you can discover Zurich Connect car insurance offers that can be easily activated online.

Concessions and dispensations

Not everyone knows that there are gods too special concessions granted by the government on the subject of car tax. More precisely with regard to concessions and exemptions from the stamp, i 2022 those specified in the Budget Act for 2019. There are e.g. 50% discount on stamp duty to pay for cars over twenty years old, i.e. the cars of historical interest they have from 20 to 30 years. Cars with more than 30 years, instead, they enjoy exemption, just like electric cars in first 5 years after registration, and hybrid for the first 3 years. Act 104, in addition, it provides complete exemption for vehicles intended for persons with disabilities or used for the transport of disabled people. In order to obtain the dispensation, in this case you must submit one request to ACI, to the Danish Tax Agency or to the Tax Office according to regional regulations. The possibility of applying additional exceptions, such as those for vehicles with low environmental impact equipped with endothermic motor or the reduced amount of the toll for electric cars from the sixth year onwards. In Piedmont and Lombardy, on the other hand, electric cars are exempt from the stamp of life.

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