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VAL PESARINA – Three exhibitions, two museums ready to welcome tourists, the Church of San Leonardo, a true jewel dated 1400, unusually open to the public! On the occasion of “Festival Extensions – Inside the border literatures”, Val Pesarina is ready to show itself in all its beauty, in the name of culture! If the many guests, from Angelo Floramo to Roberta Biagiarelli, from Antonella Sbuelz and Piero Sidoti, Paolo Patui and Ulderica da Pozzo, to name just a few, try to analyze the concept for three days in unique natural surroundings. of “border” “between literature, words, poetry, geographies and stories there will be the opportunity to enjoy the local museum spaces and the works exhibited in the reviews held on the occasion of the festival, whose artistic direction was curated by the cultural association Bottega Errante, thanks the support of the Autonomous Community of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Friuli Foundation, the municipality of Prato Carnico and the Pro Loco Val Pesarina.

EXHIBITIONS – “Shooting in Sarajevo” will be inaugurated on June 24 at 18 in Pesariis on Piazza della Canonica (in case of bad weather in the faction hall), a double event: on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the siege in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an exhibition of an exhibition and a book planned by the photographer Luigi Ottani and curator Roberta Biagiarelli – moderated by Elisa Copetti for the occasion – were to photograph Sarajevo from the same places from which snipers kept the city and its inhabitants under siege for the 1,425 days between 1992 and 1995. A special event to tell about an urban world, which has suffered the longest and most tragic siege since the post-war period, and to reflect on its fragile borders Europe.

On June 26 at 2.30 pm, however, “Confini” will be inaugurated in the former dairy Osais. Ten young new illustrators on the national and international stage (Alice Mazzer, Silvia Baldisserotto, Matteo Pierluigi Perdon, Maria Giulia Belli, Giulia Cornaggia, Marco Buso, Sofiya Kruglikova, Daniela Wöls, ​​Romana Reiterer, Rachel Katstaller) have been selected in the last few years. months from Sarmede International School of Illustration (Treviso). They will spend three days in Val Pesarina on the occasion of Extensions, and under the guidance of illustrator and teacher Linda Wolfsgruber, they will create some images inspired by the concept of geographical, political, mental boundary. The one planned at the end of the festival will be an agreement to present the exhibition that will emerge from this experience and to tell the suggestions of the young artists who lived in the valley under Extensions.

MUSEUMS – “Pesariis Clock Museum” (043369034, 043369420) will also be open from 24 to 26 June, where it will also be possible to visit Luigi Monaci’s photographic exhibition: “The striking of time”. The doors also open to the “Bruseschi House Museum in Pesariis – Small Museum of the Carnic House” (3383460595) and exceptionally also the Church of San Leonardo (Osais, by reservation Saturday and Sunday 043369420).

INFO: IAT Prato Carnico Tourist Office, 0433 69420,

THE FESTIVAL – “Extensions – Within Borders Literature” is a project carried out thanks to the support of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Friuli Foundation, the municipality of Prato Carnico and Pro Loco Val Pesarina with the artistic direction of the cultural association Bottega Errante. The review was enriched with the participation of several partners (Udine University, Friuli Venezia Giulia’s choir, Mittelfest Association, Damatrà onlus, Topolò-Topoluova Association, Štěpán Zavřel Foundation, Mountain Community of Carnia, CAMA Associative Committee Monumento all ‘Arrotino APS) and from the collaboration with several realities in the area (Owls of the Moon, Friulibris Library – Tolmezzo, APS “Friends of Pesarina Watchmaker” Association, Prato and Prico factionists, “Amici di Osais” Cultural Association, Amateur Sports Association Ancora, Noi Association in Val Pesarina, Fractional Administration of Pesariis , Fractionists of Sostasio, Ski Club Val Pesarina, Parish of Saints Filippo and Giacomo AP – Pesariis, Pesariis Clock Museum, Casa Bruseschi Pesariis Museum).

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