AAA Metropolitan Center, to enhance the culture of hospitality

June 18, the party for the first 3 years of activity In the center, girls ‘and boys’ rights and support for adoptive, foster and accommodating families

Adoption, nursing home, reception. These are the three As that make up the acronym for the AAA Metropolitan Center, launched in the summer of 2019 and gradually strengthened in the months leading up to the pandemic, with the transfer of psychologists already engaged in adoption in the various districts and social workers. The center actually welcomes the interdisciplinary team of psychologists, social workers and educators already active in the metropolitan area within the three different reference areas.

The AAA Metropolitan Center, which is officially inaugurated today, is therefore celebrating three years of full activity, a birthday that has thus become an opportunity for an initial assessment and at the same time recovering, now that the pandemic seems to be behind us, opening party for a long time time and necessarily postponed.

The goals of the AAA Metropolitan Center are to prepare, evaluate and support families applying to welcome a child through the adoption channels and together to qualify care and reception projects through comparison and exchange between operators, supervision and experimentation with awareness raising and involvement activities for local families.

The choice to combine the professional assets already present in the company into a single center meets the need to strengthen the synergy between the three different paths, Adoption – Nursing – Hospitality, to increase efficiency and quality and strengthen support activities aimed at families .

The Metropolitan Center is actually based on experience and good practice already present in the company, especially those from the Adoption Foster Care project, born in 2011 in Reno, Lavino and Samoggia districts, in collaboration between the local health authorities in Bologna and ASC Insieme.

Despite the pandemic. The first three years of life of the AAA Center

Integration and interdisciplinarity

The AAA Metropolitan Center immediately organized itself to offer families willing to welcome girls and boys in the three different forms of adoption, foster care and reception, the necessary training support, knowledge and evaluation in an integrated and interdisciplinary manner. Despite the pandemic, in 2001 the center guaranteed over 200 meetings with families on a monthly basis, also by reviewing working methods, using as far as possible remote organizational models, supported by the Metropolitan Protection Office. In 2021 alone, there were a total of over 300 families followed by the center on the roads to adoption, care and reception.

Among the good practices that emerged in the different territories of the metropolitan area, coordinated by the integrated team of AAA Center, support over time for adoptive families, solidarity, the experience offered to couples applying for adoption in family homes in the area, leadership of parallel parents / child groups for adoption and foster family. Relationships with family associations, the president and juvenile court judges are also always ensured.

In addition, the center has gradually developed ways to accompany and support families after the children’s arrival, also through a strong impulse to divide into groups, to deepen themes of common interest such as the use of social networks and the relationship with the family. origin, including contributions from external experts. Among the support groups, the center has also conducted two new experiments, the Circolo della Sicurezza group and the Dialectical Behavior Therapy group, in collaboration with the Territorial Psychology Adolescent Psychology and Psychotherapy Service.

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