2-year-old boy with pubic hair and other signs of puberty due to father’s testosterone gel

Exposure to the father’s testosterone gel triggered a very early puberty in a 2-year-old boy: between large genitals and muscles.

ONE baby British by suns 2 years has developed clear signs of puberty because of testosterone gel used since sheep. In the small they manifested a considerable muscle mass, pubic hair It is a penis of considerable size, as the 43-year-old mother told Insider. The woman from Brighton, a town in East Sussex in England, said she started worrying when her son started To grow up abnormal; in just one year he weighed well 12 kg, while between 12 and 18 months he accumulated almost 1 kg of weight (0.9 kg) every 30 days. Now, just two years old, he has developed massive musculature and looks like a much bigger baby. “It was not fat, but muscle,” the woman commented, referring to the abnormal growth. It is no coincidence that many in the park where he went to play called him “the little viking” while some parents wondered why such a big kid still used a bottle.

The situation worsened when the child got pubic hair and penis enlarged, clear signs of one very early puberty in place. His mother decided to take him to a pediatrician for a specialized visit, Dr. Tony Hulse, endocrinologist at Everlina London Children’s Hospital. When he visited the baby in March this year, the doctor was literally confused by what he had seen. After some tests, it turned out that the child had testosterone levels that could be compared to grown manas well as one bone density of a child over twice as old. Fortunately, all potential more serious health problems, such as oncological diseases to endocrine system or congenital defects of the adrenal glands. So what happened to the little one?

The assistant came from a colleague of Dr. Hulse, who had previously encountered similar cases, which ended up in the scientific literature. The doctors then asked the family if anyone used testosterone gel, and the answer was yes. The product, to counter a condition ai testicles, was regularly used by the child’s father, a 65-year-old man. These gels are usually applied on shoulderson arms and at the height of the abdomen to allow absorption ofsex hormone, but a significant portion can remain on the skin, not be absorbed. People in close contact with those who follow these therapies may be exposed to a significant concentration of the active substance with all the expected consequences. In fact, there are other cases of children who have developed pubic hair, large penis (with attached erections) and significant muscle mass due to exposure to testosterone-containing gels. In 2008, the story of a two-year-old boy from Texas hit the international headlines, whose case report “Sexual Precocity in A 2-Year-Old Boy Caused by Indirect Exposure to Testosterone Cream” was published in the scientific journal Endocrine Practice.

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Food and Drug Administration (FDA) American has to date registered about twenty similar cases, which has led to pharmaceutical companies being required to explicitly state risks on gel packs. Fortunately, the danger to the British child has begun on a treatment based on testosterone injections for some time, and the little one is no longer exposed to the sex hormone. Experts indicate that his testosterone levels will be within the normal range for his age, as will his growth rate. Of course, everyone hopes that explosive growth has no long-term consequences. At the moment, the mother’s regret is that she has never been able to see her son as he really would have been at the age of two.

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