Why does Milan have a problem with public housing (and it does not solve it)?

The fight in via Bolla again focuses on the problems with public housing in Milan. The solutions are there, but no one really wants to use them. Meanwhile, social anger leads to crime.

Case Aler in Milan

Public housing in Milan. That lives on 12 percent of the population, residents of the same city talking about the Olympics and development. Citizens on the outskirts of the metropolis who run (see their testimony in ours video, by flipping through the article), which is only remembered when the last case of crime takes place among the pages of the newspapers. See via Bolla al Gallaratese, banlieue of the extreme western suburbs where one really broke out on the evening of Friday, June 10th popular uprising which involved 60 people (including Roma gangs and various illegal tenants, who in the buildings at number 38/40/42 reach 90 percent of the residents) and sent a two-year-old child to the hospital. The stone in the pond that requires, once again, to focus on what is one all Milanese problems.

The division between Municipality and Region

Public housing is divided between common And Territory: those owned by the former are governed by MM (Metropolitana Milanese SPA), while those owned by the region are led by Aler (Lombardy Residential Building Company). The latter are the most numerous, 34,500 in the whole city, while the municipal ones are 28,110. Dozens and dozens of property units charged by the usual problems which recur in any urban reality: tenant arrears, evictions, vacant apartments waiting to be relocated. And especially abusive professions. It is Aler who is lagging behind from this point of view. Of 3,750 illegally occupied houses, actually just over 600 I am MM: the rest Aler.

Solo leader, Beppe Sala’s proposal

So what are the possible solutions for more effective management? Mayor of Milan Beppe Sala, in 2021, had proposed bringing everything back to a single controller and asked for funding from the government for the operation. Why again? Because he’s alone since 2014 that the public housing in Milan has two different managers. In the past, Aler has also managed municipal property. But precisely because problem of illegal occupations housing, the then mayor Giuliano Pisapia he decided to break up with Aler and manage the buildings of the Palazzo Marino on his own (through the subsidiary MM). “We have to structurally change the management model, and I still believe that a unified organization for the management of all housing that would be the best thing, “the mayor said recently, after the fight in via Bolla.” Many of the problems in public housing arise as a result of unauthorized use. In the municipality’s houses we honestly did a fair job. However, that was not the case for the region’s houses. ” In addition to the words, there are figures that show how MM has been for the past 8 years fewer squatters from 1722 to 636. In the Aler homes, on the other hand, they are increased from 2589 to 3136. “The management of Aler is bankruptcy“, Beppe Sala had already ruled a year ago, moreover after an episode that took place right inside the infamous buildings in via Bolla.

Title: The police search the pubs in via Bolla

“A problem with public order”

The response from the President of the Lombardy Region did not wait Attilio Fontanawhich shifts attention to the theme of security and of lack of funds. “We need to take a serious and decisive hand on the issue of public order.” Setting, according to him, shared with the mayor Beppe Sala. “We are looking for desperate to free public housing from the settlers, but we do not manage to have the necessary support to realize them postponements“. At the time of the second controversy on Via Bolla, however, there was certainly no good blood between the two.”The mayor is nervous“So Attilio Fontana had deubricated the charge of mismanagement of Aler houses. And then the last push, in dialect: “For me it’s a little too much comandina“Meanwhile, the House Regional Councilor is also following Fontana Alessandro Mattinzoli, invoking the army’s intervention to curb the gunpowder magazine via Bolla. “At this point, we are also assessing the possibility of resorting to help in the most extreme cases Army militaryto help protect the most risky points and locations “.

A third party, for a Milan in “French style”.

So what can I do to solve the problem? It makes sense to go back to talking about sole manager, for the Milanese public housing? “At that time, any proposal for a union died, even before it was born.” The local council member speaks to the hall Pierfrancesco Maran, formerly Pisapia. “The situation is now worrying. There are realities like those in the San Siro that are really dangerous, sooner or later they will blow up the bank. “But a future is still possible.” More than fusion, we need one third party to work on togetherseen in the light of the model by which public housing is managed today is a loser: Aler tries to make money by cutting as many expenses as possible and selling us with very high expenses over the municipal budget. I’m thinking of a new approach, come on French model: overthrowing difficult neighborhoods thanks to government and private investment that we with a new business could attract. “In short, better manage the legacy, also allocate it to young couples and families.”Milan needs a changeand there are all the prerequisites for being able to welcome ”.


“It’s clearly necessary streamline Aler in general. “That is it Nicola Di Marcoregional councilor in M5S and initiator of a bill regarding reform the system of Aleren. “Before thinking about whether merging Aler and MM would constitute a single Lombard Aler, not divided over the areas: a single Aler, with a single general manager and a single president, instead of 5. “In short, a separate management can also exist, as long as Aler is more efficient.” Aler in the right to the service of the dwelling is really possible. Starting from the rationalization of costs, with individual contracts and with a return to the control room for skilled people with a mirrored curriculum “.

No man’s land public housing

“Yes, the individual leader would make the system more efficient, but that will not happen in this legislature now.” It also intervenes Carmela Rozza, those regional councilors who have been following the issue of public housing in Milan for more than ten years. “The point, meanwhile, it is now. The point is, Aler no longer sets foot in its toughest territories. They have become so gradually a no man’s land“The problem with public order?” The property is responsible of the good. Aler must manage his home himself, must order eviction, must demand a census of the tenants, of course in collaboration with the local police stations and with the other responsible institutions. This is a situation that goes chest grip Now. Identify i offenders to be evacuated and the social cases to be recovered are isolated. Immediately“.

“A practical system”

In short, the solutions may be different. But in the meantime, things do not change. Because? “I understand that inside this world, the mechanisms are slow, one changes with difficulty. Especially with regard to a heavy structure like Aler “. Councilor them Pierfrancesco Maran, with a but.” okay as it is“. Tougher the pentastellato Nicola Di Marco.” Aler is one poltronificio where to park people dear to the party: daily leaders and presidents who, among other things, have not always had a mirror image of behavior. For this reason its structure is tenaciously defended, and it never changes“.

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