The Outbreak – Outside the Pasimafi: Violence and the Time Machine (which is not there)

“I’m an entrepreneur who came out of the process”Pasimafi“, Completely acquitted after five years, and this is my testimony. I will not have reached my goal, if to anyone it sounds like a letter of blame or indictment, for my main feeling a few weeks after the end of the nightmare – with the final acquittal – is above all gratitude.

I can only be grateful to those who helped me overcome this unjust and therefore even more difficult and painful test: mine shareholdersor And my loved ones partners who have continued to believe in me, customers who have become, and last but not least my lawyers Luca Finocchiaro and Domenico Radice, who did not just defend me, but they sit in my shoes so I feel supported and fully understood.

The perverse mechanism triggered by the noise aroused by a comprehensive investigation is incorrectly defined as a “mud machine” – such as.Pasimafi”- and small voyeurism of a particular pressand I say this as a journalist who, among other things, held the post of Councilor of the Order. It’s not a car off mud, but only a broken car. ONE system of guarantees that does not fulfill its task. For suspects like me, that mechanism looks the same much to a time machine, no matter how insane it is. Of rest my sentence began toon the 8th May 2017: certainly not with a verdict or an indictment, but with a press conference, and since then time has begun to flow backwards until the acquittal of these days,moment when not only my dignity was restored to me, but my own innocence that I under L ‘study is was put entirely in parentheses, with all due respect for constitutional principles. Except that the time machine unfortunately does not exist – there are only broken machines … – and no one will know me never to give back those five years of suspended life: of lost customers, of wounded reputation, of suspicious glances, of slander, of turnover, and of jobs gone up in smoke.

The ancient Romans, patriarchs, they said “summum ius summa offend“: more important is the most seriously infringed right is injustice. I would add – after trying it on my skin – that nowadays, in our country, the criminal case risks undermining an innocent confidence in the rule of law, in the system of checks and balances – including fair trial – to which we have entrusted all our security And to whom we submit to our rights, even our freedom.

I had always regarded this expression as little more than a metaphoruntil I felt that the force was turning unfairly against me: my name thrown in all the newspapers, private conversations forever published on the net, which is unlikely to be annulled, with all due respect to the right to be forgotten.

In aage with maximum identity protection and self-determination, with a concept of “I”, which correctly extends to the presence of the individual in the network, being filed by a study public or acquitted the result of atreat it means having to live together For years with a completely false identityhetero-determined, which will continue to affect your relationships e I’m sorry to have to admit that to undermine the certainty that others know how to go beyond some newspaper clippings, maybe online and they know how to see you for what you really always have been !!!

It can the legitimate power because it is delegated by all of us so turn into blind violence. And if that happens, the responsibility can only rest on all of us that we are dependent on this situation. Because the deepest wounds, right from the immediacy of opening an investigation, are inflicted from hasty and overly relaxed press conferences, from the superficiality of the press – tit also powered from confidential documents that should not have … -, from the policies of big business – which interrupts orders, terminates contracts and bans people and businesses – not to mention the cynicism of banks that, like the courts of the tyrants of the late empire, feed their blacklists – today they are called “blacklists” – starting from rumors published in newspapers.

Until the civil conscience matures the right indignation for this enormous violation of any principle of lawful civilization – which I repeat cannot and must be attributed solely to the mechanisms and times of criminal proceedings – the law of our country will continue to be a principally fragile petition; innocence little more than a stroke of luck; and the tendency to undermine, to shortcuts, to transgress the law – accusatory but coherent – will remain widespread tendencies, observed with a smile, often even sadly accepted as unavoidable characteristics of a certain “Italianness”. Instead, they are the smiles, condescension, lack of indignation that hide the most violent violence.

This is my belated testimony, or if you like the most painful of confessions: I also had to suffer injustice in order to recognize it. And because of this collective responsibility, which we have all escaped a little, I want no one to feel innocent ”.

Massimo Cherubini

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