the most beautiful river trips in Europe

There are destinations to be enjoyed very slowly, to fully enjoy the grandeur of the landscapes and the suggestions of unique and incomparable places. The best way to do this is aboard the increasingly coveted houseboat, houseboats designed to navigate in waterways such as rivers or canals that offer all the amenities that undoubtedly original accommodation. Among the benefits is being able to drive them, in most cases, without having to have a boat certificate. Here are some of them most unavoidable river routes in Europe.

Alsace and Lorraine on a houseboat

A river trip full of suggestions leads to the discovery of landscapes with great contrasts of Alsace and Lorraine, the two regions of northeastern France for centuries disputed with neighboring Germany. The views range from the vast Alsace plain to the famous vineyards, from the half-timbered villages where you can admire the storks on the roofs, to the cosmopolitan liveliness of Strasbourg, then on the other hand to meet Lorraine’s wide plain with lakes, forests and postcard nature, up to the magnificent city Nancyconsidered among the most beautiful in Europe.

Here you can browse the story Canal de la Sarre, which ideally divides the two regions that reach the border with Germany and Luxembourg. You will find yourself among wide valleys surrounded by lakes and dense forests, a true dream for nature lovers. Just as impressive, it Canal de la Marne au Rhin it connects Nancy with Strasbourg in its eastern arm, allowing you to discover the regional heritage on the stretch from Saverne to Gondrexange, but also surprising attractions such as the Arzviller boat lift, one of the most impressive French navigation structures.

Navigate among the pearls of Holland

Unparalleled proposals can be felt in the Dutch channels. One of the destinations to discover on board a houseboat is undoubtedly Amsterdam (here you can discover the most unusual routes), sailing from the ports of Strand Horst and Loosdrecht, south of the city, to Utrecht. Always start from here, you can venture through the wide Gooimeers estuarywhere you encounter the picturesque fishing villages.

Or you can go to Haarlem, the stunning flower town, a treasure trove of history and culture separated from the North Sea by wild dunes. Equally fascinating is the landscape of Friesland, dotted with a dense network of canals and lakes, an inviting and relaxing land, the mouse of artists of Monet’s caliber.

Along Germany’s canals

Germany also has its gems to admire on a houseboat. Sailing in the northeastern regions of Mecklenburg he was born in Brandenburg you come in contact with the unpolluted nature in a real nature reserve, crossed by an intertwining of rivers, lakes and canals. Those who want to immerse themselves in the past of the historic cities can start from the southernmost region of Brandenburg, sail to Berlin and Potsdam and then head out into the countryside up to the iconic castle.

Lovers of water sports and fishing will find a true paradise dedicated to them in Mecklenburg, the land of the lakes, where there is so much to explore, including excursions in nature or exciting trips to discover lovely cities full of attractions such as Müritz.

Houseboat in Italy: the most beautiful navigable routes

Among the most beautiful navigable routes in Italy is the Venice Lagoon with its secrets, the incredible natural scenery and the charm of the smaller islands that surround it, from the most famous like Burano and Murano to the smaller ones. , such as Torcello, Sant’Erasmo, San Francesco del Deserto, Vignole and Pellestrina.

The houseboat trip leads to the discovery of many other enchanting places. When navigating the northernmost and wildest part of the lagoon, you discover it Sile River Nature Park, which offers one of the most magical scenarios among the navigable itineraries in our country. Starting from Chioggia you can also venture to the vault Riviera del Brenta, which showcases the stunning Palladian Villas that reach as far as Padua. If you move instead from the river-rich village of Porto Levante, you immerse yourself in Po Delta, a true paradise for bird watchers.

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