The exhibition “Vivere al alto” was inaugurated in Castel Caldes in the presence of the cultural councilor Bisesti

A moment that is also very popular in the local community, but projected into an international dimension: The main character is the mountains that are observed, experienced and told by Magnum Photos Agency’s great interpreters in the exhibition “Living up high. Men and mountains by Magnum photographers, by Robert Capa to Steve McCurry “, inaugurated yesterday afternoon in the presence of the Cultural Councilor of the Autonomous Province of Trento Mirko Bisesti.
Hundreds of photographs by 43 authors, from June 16 to October 9, 2022, from the magnificent premises of Caldes Castle, provide a reflection on the relationship between man and the mountains, focusing on the points of contact between nature and its time. Men.
“It is not every day the occasion to inaugurate an exhibition of this quality – said Councilor Bisesti – I think we should all be very proud and in particular it must be you solandri, as from this magnificent castle, a symbolic place on which our Province has invested so much that an exhibition linked to planning that enhances the images of the mountains, but above all our territory, starts today A forward-looking project and an important cultural driving force for Val di Sole, for which I thank all those for whom they worked there with their ideas and with their hands “.
With particular reference to the project that develops from the exhibition, and that is the placement of 12 images made by the photographer Jérôme Sessini, which will be placed in large format in just as many important places in the valley, in an attempt to read their identity and restore their sensitivity and depth. Councilor Bisesti added: “We need to make people perceive that the symbolic places in our culture, our tradition and the history of our autonomy are also open places, with international appeal: a call to you citizens, but also to those “many tourists who would like to come and visit Trentino. It will be a reflection on the historical moment we experience through the culture and a momentary restart that we from this castle want to spread throughout the valley”.

Provincial Council of Culture Mirko Bisesti and the President of the Apt Val di Sole Luciano Rizzi at the inauguration of the exhibition in Castel Calde’s “Vivere in alto” [
Foto Martina Valentini_Archivio Ufficio Stampa Pat]

In addition to the Mayor of Caldes Antonio Maini and the Apt Val di Sole Luciano Rizzi, who stood for the honor, other local personalities also attended the vernissage, including the President of Trentino Marketing Giovanni Battaiola, the Mayors of Terzolas Luciana Pedergnana and Barbara Cunaccia of Malé, the President of Bim dell’Adige Michele Bontempelli and the director of the Castello del Buonconsiglio Museum – Provincial Monuments and Collections Laura Dalprà, who recalled how the community from the beginning of its development has been tightened around the castle and has become an active part, to make it a reference point for high-level cultural initiatives. “A few weeks ago, we presented the conclusion of the restoration of Olinda’s room, which was added to the magnificent construction of the stump carried out in previous years: from the point of view of the conservation interventions of the castle, we continue to work and increase suggestions for visits of Caldes “, said Dalprà.
The institutional greetings were followed by a visit to the exhibition: together with the visitors, curator Marco Minuz, the director of Magnum Andrea Holzherr and the photographer Jérôme Sessini, who also intervened during the ceremony to emphasize the value of the exhibition.

The exhibition itinerary starts with the people, with their personal stories, who have chosen to experience the mountains, with a journey to different parts of the world and the thousands of professions that traditionally take place there; the lives of those who, by choice or necessity, decide to survive and face the difficulties it entails, with photographs of Steve McCurry, Inge Morath, Ferdinando Scianna, and many others. One section is dedicated to the theme of tourism and its many implications. A theme with light and shadows, but which allows us to reflect the changes that have taken place in our society through the photographs of Martin Parr, the colors of Tavakolian and the irony of Jean Gaumi. Then there is the theme of high-altitude places, ranging from testimonies of ancient civilizations, with photography of Bruno Barbey, to modern infrastructures in the service of tourism and the new needs of living in the mountains, with photos by René Burri. Attention is also focused on human intervention on the mountain, both to support the needs of tourism and in intervention to preserve and protect it. In this section, photographs by Peter Marlow and Carl De Keyzer. But the mountain is also the site of conflicts, and for this a specific section is dedicated with photos by Alex Majoli and Christopher Anderson.

STAY HIGH. Men and Mountains by Magnum Photographers. From Robert Capa to Steve McCurry
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