Tesla is raising car prices and Volkswagen is getting ready to overtake

The four-wheeled market is experiencing a complicated period between chip crises, component shortages and the race against electrification. Tesla And Volkswagen I’m youand reference points in the car market and look to the future with different goals. Tesla has slowed investment in recent weeks for fear of the negative consequences of the global economic crisis. The delicate international situation in these hours has also pushed the American house to retouch the price list for its models upwards. Meanwhile, Tesla is preparing to face the increasingly fierce competition Group Volkswagen. The German manufacturer aims to lead the electric car market. Here are the details:

Tesla adjusts prices: rises to $ 6,000 in US

Buying a new Tesla will cost more (though only in the US so far). The US company has in fact upgraded the list price of its models with significant increases for the Long Range versions or those characterized by a higher autonomy. The price increases hit a maximum of $ 6,000 for the Model X Long Rangeavailable now for $ 120,990.

The list also grows for the Model S Long Range, which now costs $ 104,999. Increases of $ 3,000 and $ 2,000 for the Model Y Long Range and Performance models, respectively. The crossover now costs $ 65,990 and $ 67,990. The bestseller Model 3 also rises in price, which in the Long Range version now costs $ 57,990 with an increase of $ 3,500 compared to the previous price list.

True to tradition, Tesla has not given reasons for this new price increase, which follows similar updates that have arrived in recent months. The company is still dealing with one increase in the cost of purchasing raw materials, especially for batteries. Then there is the long waiting list for Tesla models to consider. The company can afford to raise prices thanks to demand, which remains very strong, especially in the United States.

In addition, the concessions for the transition to electricity continue to guarantee a boost to the sale of the US company. Furthermore, the price increase is also to be regarded as a consequence of a “difficult quarter”. The second quarter of the year was actually marked by difficulties for Tesla (despite a growing production) as confirmed by Elon Musk in a recent announcement sent to employees.

It should also be noted that at least so far there is no sign of one price increase on Tesla models in Europe and in particular in Italy. More details on the case may come in the next few weeks.

Volkswagen is getting Tesla ready to overtake

The Volkswagen Group does not intend to slow down the growth of the electric car market. The recent EU decision, which sanctioned a halt to sales of petrol and diesel cars from 2035, will only accelerate the German group’s investments in the emissions-free mobility sector. Over the next few years, Volkswagen aims to overtake Tesla. The confirmation also comes from a recent Bloomberg’s estimates which highlighted what should be the growth trend for the German group’s el.

Volkswagen currently has a market share of 6% in the emissions-free car sector. The objective is reach 15% by 2025, which surpasses Tesla and characterizes itself as the reference manufacturer for the electrical market. Volkswagen’s overhaul against Tesla may take place in 2024, when the German group will have the production infrastructure sufficient to support a significant growth of its electric. By 2025, Volkswagen’s sales of electric cars (a group that also includes the Audi, Skoda, Seat, Cupra, Porsche, Lamborghini brands) should also reach and exceed 2.5 million units per year.

volkswagen tesla

Volkswagen is working on rebuilding of its factories and to the creation of one sufficient number of Gigafactory to produce the “in house” batteries for the electricity of the future. To support its growth targets, the German company will focus in particular on two markets: Europe and China. Both markets focus strongly on the growth of zero-emission mobility, and Volkswagen intends to strengthen investments to be ready and meet the market demand for electric cars.

Volkswagen and Tesla are expected to continue to lead the electric market in the future. For both companies, the future goal will be 2.5 million units produced per year (Tesla could reach that with the launch of Model 2, the future and chat entry level). Far behind, however, should be the Chinese group BYD, which in 2025 can reach 1.5 million units sold per year. About one million units a year, on the other hand, will be Ford, General Motors, Stellantis and the Chinese companies Changan and Geely (owner of the brands Volvo, Polestar and Lotus).

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