Satisfy the urge for electric bikes with these three offers you can not miss

Although the temperatures of the last few weeks certainly do not tempt you to step on the pedals, especially in the hottest hours, summer is the best time to go cycling, both to stay fit and to move more easily in city traffic, with an eye also consumption and environmental sustainability.

In recent years, pedal-assisted bicycles have become increasingly popular, ideal for those who are not specially trained or do not want to get sweaty at work, as well as for those who want to explore nature without having to train for years. In this regard, we would like to point out three interesting products about promotion Gogobestone of the most well-known online stores dealing with microelectric mobility.


Specially designed for urban mobility, GOGOBEST GF300 it is a folding pedal-assisted bicycle, therefore ideal for being loaded in the car or on public transport without being particularly bulky. It falls under the category fat bikeequipped with 20 x 4-inch tires, perfect for those who need to move around the city, where the road surface is often uneven or interrupted by tracks and other roughness.

It can count on a 1,000 watt motor and a 48V and 12.5 Ah battery capable of pushing the bike up to 25 km / h, a limit imposed by the current motorway code. The battery guarantees up to 100 kilometers of autonomy, a number that is intended to vary depending on the driver’s weight, speed and the route followed.

The GOGOBEST GF300 can count on a double disc brake for maximum safety, an aluminum frame to hold the weight (which still stands at 32 kg) and a removable battery to recharge it comfortably at home after use. The gearbox is made by Shimano and has 7 gears, the seat can be folded to facilitate the extraction of the battery and there are no missing headlights and taillights. Two colors to choose from, black and orange.

You can buy the GOGOBEST GF300 at a price of 1,179.99 euros instead of 1529.99 euros by using the code NAE9YY8


If, in addition to moving around the city, you also love to go out on gravel paths where a different structure is required, this is it Bezior XF200, a folding mountain bike with double shock absorption, for maximum stability and handling on any surface. It is equipped with a 1,000 watt motor, enough to handle even the most demanding climbs, and a 48V / 15Ah battery that offers a range of up to 135 km. The speed is limited to 25 km / h, at least on public roads. , while on private land it is possible to “whiz” up to 40 km / h.

Bezior has also chosen 20-inch tires, with a width of 4 inches, to ensure maximum comfort in any situation, and equipped the bike with two hydraulic disc brakes, perfect even for the most ruthless descents.

Satisfy the urge for electric bikes with these three offers that must not be missed 1

The frame is made of aluminum with hydraulic rear suspension that is able to withstand a load of almost 300 kg and support a driver weight of up to 200 kg. There is a seven-speed Shimano gearbox with a 52-tooth front blade. Four available colors: black / gray, black / red, black / yellow and black / blue.

Buy Bezior XF200 on Gogobest for 1299.99 euros instead of 1899.99 euros using the code NAE9YY8


We close this series of proposals with GOGOBEST GF700, which in appearance is more reminiscent of a traditional mountain bike. It is not foldable and has larger wheels, in this case 26 x 4 inches, to be even more manageable in off-road use.


It has a 1,000 watt motor and a 48V / 17.5 Ah battery, which allows for a speed of 25 Km / h and an autonomy of 70 Km. The latter of course varies according to the driver’s route, speed and weight, the maximum speed is limited by law, but it is possible, in private areas, to reach 50 km / h and to overcome slopes of up to 45 degrees.

There are two hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano seven-speed gearbox with three chain rings at the front. There are also three colors to choose from: black / green, black / red and black / yellow.

Buy GOGOIBEST GF700 for € 1,399.99 instead of € 1,899.99 with the code NAE9YY8

Do not forget to visit Gogobest’s website to discover the many promotions that are active these days.

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