Rome, Jewish festival is back. Shows, readings and culture on the theme: “Back to people”

Now in its fifteenth edition, from Tuesday 21st to Thursday 23rd June 2022, come back Jewish – International Festival of Culture. Promoted by The Jewish community in Rome and edited by Ariela Piattelli, Raffaella Spizzichino and Marco Panella, the festival will enliven the Jewish Quarter of Rome with theater performances, book presentations and concerts with Italian and international guests. All events are open to the public and free of charge.

Jewish 2022 puts the person at the center of his reflection. Person understood as an actor of sociality and its movement in a wide system of relationships, from family to affective to working. A complex ecosystem, full of emotions and a foundation of personality, characters and life expectations. An ecosystem that the pandemic has put to the test, frayed, not infrequently wiped out. Back to people, it is not only the theme the festival has chosen, but the path we all have ahead of us. A path to be traced when looking to the future gives it form and quality and reflection of Jewish 2022.

Back to humans in fact, it not only wants to tell the need for a return to interpersonal relationships, but it wants to promote awareness of how the expected restoration of sociality should be oriented towards long dormant qualities such as kindness, patience, listening and dialogue.. Never as on this occasion, Back to humans it’s not just the theme of Jewish 2022, but a challenge that pertains to and involves everyone.

Sunday, June 19, 2022a preview of the festival will be held with Night of the Cabbala, which opens with the inauguration of the photo exhibition I’m Barbra, a tribute to the American artist’s career, where covers of his albums that made the singer famous around the world will be exhibited. 20.30 at the Palazzo della Cultura monologue at Yarona Pinhas, You will love your neighbor as yourselfin which the author, expert and scholar of Cabbalà, will question the theme of love, understood as a process of continuous growth, under production, a gradual creation which, if not accompanied or poorly followed, dies even before it is born. .

Silvio Orlando will be the main character from 9.30pm in the show’s Palazzo della Cultura Gary tonight, where the actor leads us to discover the world of the writer Romain Gary and tells us about his multifaceted identities and how his characters are mirrored by his lived or desired identities. Jewish, born in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1914, Gary very early on began using various pseudonyms to hide his identity during a historical period in which those born Jews put their lives at risk. He wrote many novels signed with different names, some of which have been adapted for the cinema.

The Cabbala evening in the Palazzo della Cultura ends with the show by the singer and musician Barbara Eramo, which from 10.30 pm will appear in a series of covers that trace Barbra Streisand’s artistic career.

Piazza October 16 will be the backdrop for the monologue Pandemic referendum written by the journalist from Radio 24 Elisabetta Fiorito and played by the actress Rosaria De Cicco, united by a twenty-year collaboration. It staged for Night of the Cabbalàis an autobiographical tale contained in Fiorito’s book, Love and pandemics. In a comic crescendo, it tells the story of the reduction in the number of parliamentarians intertwined with those of a Jewish-Tripolina family preparing for the autumn holidays, Rosh Hashanà, the Jewish New Year and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022, Jewish Opening Day, at the Palazzo della Cultura starting at 20.00 Elisabetta Fiorito will be the main character along with Rosaria De Cicco of two meetings taken from the cycle The heroines of freedom. The first, the effort, tells of a Jewish woman who witnessed the burning of Giordano Bruno, the other tells the story of Pacifica Di Castro, barricaded inside the catechumenal house in the Monti district in 1695, after her husband converted, but refuses to embrace Christianity, even though she knows she can no longer see her children.

The theater performance ends the evening Job of director and actor Roberto Anglisani, also host of the Palazzo della Cultura at 21.30, based on the book of the same name by Joseph Roth. The show spans thirty years of the lives of Mendel Singer’s family, his wife Deborah and his four children. But it also crosses the history of the early twentieth century, from Russia to America, from the Russo-Japanese War to the First World War and beyond. But above all, it crosses Mendel’s heart, the stupid teacher of stupid children, devoted to the Lord and forsaken by the Lord – he thinks -.

Wednesday, June 22nd The festival enters into the great reflection on the new work dynamics, which between smart work, hybrid work and the return to presence have not yet found a common balance. In order to put the person at the center of his reflection, Jewish 2022 it shifts the gaze not to the way of working, but to its quality. Hence the meeting Good work, held online on the festival’s YouTube channel, which you will see Marco Panella dialogue with Pier Luigi Celliauthor, entrepreneur and former leader of large public and private organizations, Beniamino Bedusa by Happy Place to Work, Fabrizio Iaccarino by Enel e Antonio Liotti by Leonardo.

At 19.00 it is the turn of the speech We do not make trouble. Guys online with the digital entrepreneur and president of the Dreyfus project Alex Zarfati, curator for Ebraica Ariela Piattelli, Lorenzo Sciarretta and the psychotherapist Stefano Amati. The meeting is dedicated to examining how the modalities of interpersonal relationships in these two years of pandemic have changed profoundly. Tablets and smartphones are no longer just entertainment and sharing tools, but an indispensable means of conveying stories, emotions and moods. The meeting focuses on voices from influencers – indispensable guides to the digital world – and high school students – who have paid an extremely high price compared to the pandemic. At the center, the relationship between young and new media and technology, to understand how virtual reality, metaverse and new languages ​​are not only a risk, but above all an opportunity for the development of human relationships, where the development of consciousness and critical thinking can and should play a key role.

Elisabetta Fiorito with Rosaria De Cicco they will be the main characters from kl. 20.30 in the third and fourth rounds of the bike The heroines of freedom, with the monologue dedicated to the life of Rita Levi Montalcini and to follow the story dedicated to the story of Golda Meir. The theater performance closes on Wednesday 22 June in the evening Mr. Dago Show with Marco Bonini, Eleonora Belcamino and Roberto Colavalle, a musical that tells the story of an Italian Jewish stand-up comedian who, after the promulgation of the racial laws in 1938, loses his family in a fascist ambush. He thus decides to leave our country to move to America and pursue the American dream that will not prove to be so easy to achieve and not without obstacles.

Thursday, June 23, last day of Ebraica, will see the main character Francesco Rutelli in dialogue with Sandro Di Castro, in which he will tell about some itineraries among the beauties of Rome. It starts at 18.15 from Piazza in Piscinula, with a walk inside the old Jewish quarter (for reservation:, while the two main characters from kl. 19.00 moves to Palazzo della Cultura, to present Rutelli’s book Walk in Rome.

20.00 Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtierithe director of Messenger Massimo Martinelli and TV host Mara Venierwill be the protagonists of the meeting Rome. Back to the Future. 21.00 there is a meeting with the writer Matti Friedman, author of the book recently published for Giuntina The song about fire. Leonard Cohen and the incredible 1973 tour of Sinai and the journalist and the author Valerio Corzani.

Ebraica closes this year with music, starring with the concert off Gabriele Coenin Trio med Francesco Poeti and Marco Loddo, inspired by Leonard Cohen’s musical production. The project, promoted by Roma Capitale – Department of Culture, is the winner of the public announcement “Roman Summer 2022” edited by the Department of Cultural Activities and carried out in collaboration with SIAE.

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