RomArché: at Villa Giulia, archeology speaks for itself.

“Support professional, scientific and cultural confrontation in the field of archeology, stimulate specialized publishing, provide guidance and suggestions for school, university and museum education, improve the host museum’s institution and Rome’s archaeological and artistic heritage and involve the public outside the sector”

These are the ambitious goals that the eleventh edition of “RomArché. Talk about archeology“Gets to realize the two days that from tomorrow will come to life in the prestigious location of The National Etruscan Museum in Villa Giuliain Rome.

The station of the Suodales Association during the first edition of the “Etruscan Festival”. Photo: Paolo Bondielli

Organizing this cultural event, which is finally being “reborn” after the two-year pandemic, is Dià Cultura Fonden with the project “RomArché 2022” designed by Simona Sanchirico in collaboration with the National Etruscan Museum in Villa Giulia and thanks to the support of the IT company Siaed SpAin cooperation with Appia Antica Archaeological Park and with EGA – Apps for entertainment games.

The spinning wheel from which the entire design thread unravels, and on which all the festival’s activities are based, is the review of the book exhibition, which brings the publishers who deal with archeology, anthropology, history and art history. This is an activity that brings together the latest editorial news in the space of the Roman Museum together with the scholars who are their creators, giving rise to debates, presentations and conferences at the highest level.

Historical reconstruction, pedagogical workshops and guided tours constitute the natural end of the dissemination tools of ancient history, while the magnificent voices of Koob kor the colors of the sunset at Villa Giulia will fill with tones in the concert: “Rebirths at sunset, archeology sings”, with music by Schubert, Rachmaninoff, Attaignant and ancient popular songs.

Villa Giulia’s magnificent Hemicycle, which will host the exhibitors of RomArché and the educational activities. Pictured is an Etruscan writing workshop. Photo: Paolo Bondielli.

Here the activities are divided into the rooms of Pope Julius III’s villa.

Conferences (Sala della Fortuna from MNETRU). “Rebirths. The paths of archeology, anthropology, museology, artSpecialists archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, writers, art historians, discuss the theme of the edition “The Rebirth”.

During the conference cycle, the new magazine from the Dià Cultura Foundation, which is also a media partner for the initiative, will be presented to the public: “Archeology &. History, anthropology, museology, art”. It is an online scientific journal with cultural information accompanied by an in-depth monographic quarterly magazine that can be downloaded for free from the website The issues are treated in an interdisciplinary perspective, which evocatively alludes to the use of the letter & in the title and in the various sections that make up the editorial project.

The in-depth quarterly magazine focuses from time to time on cultural issues or cultural sites that are considered to be of particular importance to the public by the reader. The first issue, due out June 16, will be exclusively dedicated to the Appia Antica Archaeological Park and has been edited by Director Simone Quilici and the park’s staff.

An overview of the central garden of Villa Giulia from the Castellani semi-cycle. Photo: Paolo Bondielli.

In-depth activities (Hemicycle / Gardens / Sala della Fortuna of MNETRU). With the name of “Read in RomArchéAn in-depth study of relevant and current issues is carried out, which is divided into several related activities: meetings with archaeological protagonists, presentations of editorial news in the presence of the authors organized by the publishers who hosted the event, workshops on children and teenagers , special tours, day and night by the museum staff.We especially highlight: June 18 at 16.00, EGA – Entertainment Game Apps will present the new edition of the Etruscan festival! The story tells itself.Then, at 17, meeting with Paolo Carafa (“Sapienza” – University of Rome) and Valentino Nizzo (National Etruscan Museum in Villa Giulia) for an interview on “Stories from Contexts. Dialogues and Reflections on the Method”.

Improvement activities (Hemicycle / Gardens of MNETRU). Historical re-enactment events organized by the Suodales Association, Roman Historical Group and EGA-Entertainment Game Apps about the Etruscan and Roman world; a lecture event by the director “The Birth and Rebirth of the Etruscans”; an evening concert: “Rebirths at Sunset, Archeology Sings” by the Koob Choir, which will perform music by Schubert, Rachmaninoff, Attaignant and old traditional songs.

Romarché of children (Hemicycle / MNETRU gardens). Experimental archaeological teaching workshops.

On RomArché’s official website,, it is possible to get all the necessary information, the detailed program for all the events and the answers to each question.


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