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All about blue-green color: let’s go back to talking about colors and designs always with an eye for psycho-physical well-being and the environment.

Teal is a retro color reminiscent of the 50s, and is able to revitalize a decor in an instant! It is a relaxing, stimulating and balanced color.

This color is available in many varieties and can be used in all rooms of the house.

It can be combined with many others, but above all it gives an irresistible vintage note for any interior. Let’s find out together what benefits it can bring to the level of Relaxwhat are the combinations and in what rooms of the house to use it best.

Significance of blue-green color

It is a color that evokes the water, the sea

That Blue-green color approaches the color turquoise. Call the water off lagoons paradise islands, but also Mediterranean beaches and swimming pools. It is a sunny color, so this shade makes us experience our interior as if we were on vacation, but it is not necessarily limited to cottages.

It is a color associated with persistence and perseverance, concepts that are reflected in the continuous persistence of the wave motion for example.

Much more than just a color, this pastel color is available in different shades to suit every taste.


It lies halfway between blue, almond green, emerald green or sky green and therefore reveals itself in some of the most interesting aspects in terms of yield.

Before adopting it in your interior, I highly recommend that you consult one color palette which allows you to discover this nuance in all its splendor.

How do you choose?

I advise you to do some tests before choosing it for example for the walls of your home. As a general rule, it is always advisable to do this when choosing a color.

For a blue-green shade, I invite you to prepares panels of 1 m2 of different shades and to move them around the room as the shades may vary depending on the light.

It can quickly get cold if it contains too much blue and the room faces north.

This problem can be overcome by using artificial heat lights. You can also play with textures by inserting materials such as reeds, wool, velvet and warm colors.

Also note that this color will have great value on large surfaces.

The combinations

Blue-green can be combined with all kinds of colors, from lightest to darkestthanks to its natural and timeless appearance.

It can be combined with natural colors such as coarse wood or the rattanin warm or deep colors like mustard yellow, duck blue or black.

I really like this color, especially in combination with yellow (yellow flowers for example), but also with pastel pink, for a slightly timeless decoration. But in a wide range of colors like the one at the entrance, it is perfect.

How to use teal for decoration?

Teal has a vintage vibe and is mostly used for its soothing and zen look.

It is one of the easiest greens to master as it matches all other colors and styles, from shabby chic and small flowers to modern and designer furniture. White makes it stand out. THAT Rose become weak. The oranges and yellows begin to vibrate and warm.

Green watercolor combinations

Depending on its intensity, it will occupy more or less space in a room. It is therefore not recommended to use it on all walls, especially if its tone is strong. It is often paired with white or pink and light yellow.

Its appearance will be more modern if you combine it with other blue or green colors or even black and white as it is very suitable for contrasts.

A bedroom in aqua green color

A blue-green bedroom, a real oasis of peace: It is definitely the room that best suits the blue-green and its relaxing and cocooning side, the best guarantee of a good sleep.

Choose a slightly darker shade and use it around the bed to create a real one cocoon to the sleeping area. The best thing is to combine linens in different shades of warm blue (for example, a turquoise blue).

Then everything is of course possible, for example a few notes of orange or yellow to spice up the environment. It is up to you to choose according to your taste and desires at the moment.

If you want to treat this color with care, choose a neutral color on the walls, white, linenbeige or a very soft gray, and put teal on bedding, sheets, pillows, curtains, pillows … or on a small furniture: chest of drawers, bedside tables or chiffoniera. This will be enough to have a very relaxing and calming effect.

In the bathroom

This color is perfect for this room, probably because of its softness and freshness. For an old-fashioned and vintage vibe, choose this color for the walls, but if you prefer a more modern space, simply put one or two pieces of furniture in this color.

That tone may be a little darker. In this case, avoid too many accessories and keep it simple.

Add some green plants to highlight the freshness of this space. You can choose a designer sink and an island bathtub with clean lines. And why not choose black and white tiles? It is integrated with discretion in the furniture.

In your blue-green living room

In the living room, choose blue-green decorations; if you want to put it on the walls at any cost, choose to paint the frames or a base and focus on accessories in this shade. Some beautiful vases, pillows with graphic motifs, decorative objects or even curtains.

Green watercolor

Curtains in this color avoid straining the space and provide a lightness that suits you very much. You can combine this color with darker tones to get a very warm atmosphere.

Footrest e curvevery fashionable at the moment, in sober or natural colors, they fit perfectly to this shade.

In the kitchen

In the kitchen, teal can be used on mineral tiles, walls or furniture.

With tiles el parquet painted in the context of the living room, if the kitchen is open, it reinforces the black furniture, decorated with some vintage jars, antique biscuit pots or metal plates. Do not forget a wooden table top, which is the ideal connection between the floor and the black cabinets.

When the room opens out to a porch or garden, teal gets a whole new dimension, looks like an extension of the exterior.

The outdoor and indoor spaces respond to each other with a beautiful shade of green and appear larger.

Furniture can suddenly have an incredible charm thanks to this shade, but not in total look, which would be a bit dull, rather on the one hand, while the other is in a shade like navy blue, powder pink, pearl white or mouse gray.

Dare to be imaginative, aqua green goes well with many colors! add handlefully enhances the furniture and gives them elegance and sophistication.

In a child’s bedroom

Teal goes well with Scandinavian and modern decoration styles. The walls are a fairly light shade of blue-green, but it is not necessary to use this color on all walls, it is possible to mix it with white.

For the boys, on the other hand, choose black and white stripes in a very graphic spirit. Blankets, yellow pillows and black and white or black and natural baskets: the result is perfect. So choose furniture in natural wood or black metal: the room is timeless and very modern.

Substances thick and comfortable makes the room more inviting. Once the child has grown up, it can retain this base and design the space differently. In your daughter’s room with peach-colored elements, coral or powder pink, the atmosphere suddenly becomes sparkling and very pleasant, without being too feminine!

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