“Little hearts in motion” and “Drawings on the asphalt”, especially afternoons for children and families

Bergamo. A special afternoon for children, teenagers and families. The appointment is Sunday, June 19 with the new edition of Small hearts in motion and competition Drawings on the asphaltopportunity to spend pleasant moments in the name of amalgamation, social inclusion and solidarity.

The initiative, which is open to all, is organized by the Aletheia Association, which is committed to promoting projects for the benefit of young oncology and heart disease patients, their families and hospitals.

15:00, with meeting at the bus stop in viale Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo (in front of the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, near Largo Porta Nuova), children can use the city’s red bus tourist train for free. They will take a tour of the city, escorted by over 45 motorcyclists from the Harley Davidson ward, and have their “quiet voices” heard for too long inside the hospitals. Oana Raduti, chairman and founder of the Aletheia Association, explains: “We have 54 seats reserved for them and their parents or grandparents. We appeal to everyone, whether they have oncological pathologies or are heart patients: Those who are sick are invited, be there, but we want to break the mold and welcome everyone to have fun together. We want it to be a special occasion and for the small participants to feel like the main characters of the day. Our goal is to show that we are close to them, that we understand their suffering, and that they are not alone. Through these small but significant gestures, we want to relieve their pain, paint a smile on their face and ignite a glimmer of hope in each of them, young and old. To give them the opportunity to live for a moment outside the hospitals with the local community, families and other children, so that they have an experience that makes them feel free, without boundaries or worries. “

Around. 15.30 Arrival at Beata Caterina Cittadini Park in Loreto in Bergamo (near Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital) is expected. Here you can participate in the competition “Drawings on the asphalt”, which will give children and teenagers the opportunity to get involved and express their creativity. Using colored chalk, they will draw on the asphalt and let themselves be guided by their imagination. We will propose different themes based on the age groups (from 6 to 10 years, from 10 to 14 years and from 14 to 18 years): for each category, the most artistic, the most original and the most exciting will be awarded, but they will be assigned to everyone, so as not to leave anyone behind.

The registrations are open until the day before, Saturday 18 June: to confirm your registration, simply send a WhatsApp message 3496426260 stating the name of the child or boy, his age, the name of the parent who will accompany him and if he wants to participate in the trip by train, in the competition or both.

The necessary material for the drawings on the asphalt will be provided by the organizers.

“The Aletheia Association – states Oana Raduti – tries to make the small and the general public aware of the situation for families with a seriously ill member through simple creative and leisure activities such as drawings on the asphalt. It takes very little to make a child happy and carefree in times that are so dark and painful for them and their loved ones. We therefore want to transfer hope and positivity to families in economic and social difficulties. “

There will be a kiosk where you can find snacks and cool drinks. A portion of the profits goes to charity. It will also be possible to contribute through donations to the following projects:

A nanny in the hospital; the parent caring for the hospitalized child has the option of returning to the family for a day and being replaced by a trained volunteer who is able to care for the child during the parent’s absence. In this way, the parent also has the opportunity to be with the other children and escape for a day from the suffering due to their child’s illness;

A day in nature; children with cancer and heart disease will, together with their families, have the opportunity to experience a relaxing day in the middle of nature and the animals;

Housing for parents who have to look after their children in intensive care and who cannot afford to go “back and forth” from the hospital to the home.
We hope many of you will come.

Finally, the President of the Aletheia Association concludes: “I take this opportunity to thank the City Red Bus, the Harley Davidson Chapter and all the people who have collaborated in the implementation of the initiative”.

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