In Canelli, Enrico Messina’s “narrar mangiando” is staged.

New appointment tonight, Friday, June 17, to review this summer’s events “In the air” arranged by the Municipality Canelli to improve its territory, a site recognized by Unesco. At 9.30 pm in the new green amphitheater in Cascina La Moncalvina, surrounded by nature in the San Giovanni 126 region, the fun show will be performed. “The story of Taborre and Maddalena”of telling by eating with Enrico Messinaon stage with the musician Mirko Lodedo.

The extraordinary Apulian storyteller and storyteller Enrico Messina returns to the Asti area, remembered by many for his performances at «Teatro e Colline», «Landscapes and beyond» and others.

Tickets: € 10, reduced ticket 5 (up to 12 years)

Reservations are recommended on the rendezvous website

Enrico Messina And Mirko Lodedo (photo Francesco Torricelli)

The show

It is the story of two young men, Taborre and Maddalena, the son of a count and the daughter of his brewer’s maid, whom fate has destined for different lives. They flee from their impossible love and take refuge in a clearing in Gargano, near the house of an ancient shepherd that man has built around a large pear tree. In the quiet meeting between the three, the man offers the two boys a fruit, which the three eat in silence. Then, after planting the seeds from the collected and stored tree throughout his life, the shepherd begins the narrative. And it tells the story of a king from a distant time who had three children and a large garden with a pear tree in the middle …

The work was born from the meeting between an actor and a musician who, after being around a table with simple foods, started talking about each other. And the stories were born out of the small sounds of the table: the sound of cutlery on plates, the murmur of wine falling into the glass, the clink of glass meeting in the bowls … to become music and words . For this is how stories are born: around a table, with the simple sounds and words of those who find themselves sharing a dinner, a meal.

In the story, the menu for the stage dinner is different each time, adapting to the typical characteristics of the place where the show is performed and the actors on stage “telling” it in the local language or dialect. In Canelli, their table will feature typical dishes prepared from Osteria dei Meravigliati and Bosca wines: Alta Langa Metodo Classico Ispiro and Piedmont Rosè Esploro, the Charmat method.

photo Francesco Torricelli

Comment Enrico Messina: «Telling stories is an ancient art and a deep need for man. To give the story shape to lived experience, to understand and give order to what is happening, to preserve its memory, to create a sense of belonging. And nothing but food evokes that sense of belonging, of sharing. Food becomes an identity element for the public, who in the “story” of the dish (each time different) that the actors on stage taste, recognize themselves and are also at the table. Thus, the performance unfolds around the plot of the story through a continuous series of improvisations, linked to the cozy moment on the table, where anything can happen, as in any banquet with respect for oneself, because food tastes of emotions ”.

The original music on stage is by Mirko Lodedo, the collaboration in the staging is by Micaela Sapienza, the performance is by Armamaxa Teatro, Casarmonica and Teatri Abitati – Theater Residence of Ceglie Messapica.

Next appointment

Outdoor programming continues, always in the Moncalvina Amphitheater: Sunday, July 3rd 21.00 with contemporary circus, where Nando and Maila Company perform the spectacular «Kalinka», for everyone, young and old.

The season is organized by the municipality of Canelli and the Piedmont dal Vivo Foundation in collaboration with the Teatro degli Acerbi. It has the support of CRT Foundation and CRAsti Foundation, main sponsor of Fimer srl. The summer program is linked to the Balbo Theater project, which saw Bosca and Arol SpA as main sponsors and sponsors Enos srl, Banca di Asti, Cavagnino & Gatti Macchine Labettatrici, DRC Costruzioni Generali srl and Punto Bere srl.

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