ICSP Porcari a happy island to go to school …

The Italian school is often the subject of numerous criticisms, it is believed that it is one of the worst systems in the world, but in reality it is not. It is really difficult for a student to go to school voluntarily and for this reason the problem tends to be exaggerated. This does not mean that the Italian school is perfect; for so many positive aspects there are just as many negatives.

After an initial teaching course, we measured ourselves in the culture industry, it was the 80s. During that period we were forerunners of European foundations, and not only did we bring educational projects from European society to our territory (then we went directly to Brussels), but we were the first to create the figure of the “supervisor” and custom recovery programs for student staff in collaboration with the primary school.

In the 1980s, three quarters of the citizens had only a diploma in the eighth grade, and since then in Tuscany, in Liguria, where we had our offices, we boast of “really” having graduated 4 thousand 500 adults, who then started careers on various jobs and university courses. It’s been a long time since then, six years ago, when they called us to play the role of teacher in primary school again. We welcomed with enthusiasm and also with fear. The school had changed as society became more and more fluid and superficial and everything was reflected in the work of the teacher.

We were not discouraged, we took refresher courses based on the strengths of our experience: helping those in difficulty, children with disabilities. It is known that in any experience one assumes, there is “mess” to pay. At the various schools where we have served, we have noticed that between saying and doing, there is the sea in the middle. In most schools, there is no integration, there is no justice between the support teacher and the team, in short, even in this world, the politically correct alias of hypocrisy and shit that pops up and is not.

But all the realities are fortunately not such that there are happy islands like the extensive institute Porcari. Here we grew up saying and doing go hand in hand, the teachers work together while maintaining and respecting each other’s differences. We would like to emphasize the 1st A and 1st B teams, where all the teachers from Novella Lazzareschi to Tiziana Pazzaglia, Laura Garzo, Sara Pierotti, Agata Fioretti, Serena Arrigo and Federica Baisi, did their utmost to ensure that the children could learn skills and serenity overcome their difficulties. We must remember how much the period of the pandemic has affected their psychological stability, but the team has succeeded in mediating between teachers and family and with the children who by the end of the school year have achieved all the set goals. If we could, we would give these teachers a prize, a gold medal, and ask the so-called Bianchi minister to step down to see how his staff work. These teachers were first heroes (like doctors and nurses) and then infamous with a decree that wants to erase everything we have built in the last 50 years.

The Italian school provides preparation, in terms of content, among the best in Europe, but this is recognized neither at European level nor by the Italian government. In fact, neither the teachers’ preparation nor their monthly salary is recognized; in this we are the last in the world, even Africa surpasses us. An Italian graduate is badly seen abroad and wants many job opportunities, even without having experience, and that speaks volumes about our education.

All the governments that have existed in Italy since the end of the First Republic were the first thing they did, to cut funding for education and culture, not to recognize the professionalism of teachers. The reality is that in this way we have people whipped and disappointed students, but that’s what they want: the more ignorant people are, the more they can become slaves. However, they have not counted on men and women who believe in their work beyond pay, women and men who still have ideals and ethics as with ICSP Porcari, thanks to Dr. Emiliana Pucci’s former management and his successor Dr. Filippo Guidi. In short, you can kill, humiliate school and culture, but our ideas will survive and there will always be a man and a woman who will fight you.

W Italy with the school, but the right one.

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