First edition of the Festival of Archeology, Art and Environment “Perugia Archeofilm”

The first edition of “Perugia Archeofilm”, the festival of archeology, art and environment, which in three days will transform the capital of Umbria into the capital of historical-archeological-environmental film, was presented at the Sala Rossa in the Palazzo dei Priori. The screenings – all with free admission and free – are held Tuesday the 21st And Wednesday, June 22nd at 21.15 at the Giardini del Frontone, while the last evening d Thursday, June 23 at 21.00 the Umbria National Archaeological Museum is the setting.

Each evening, the public, as a popular jury, will be able to award their vote to the films in the competition for the “City of Perugia Award / Archeology Viva – Perugia Archeofilm 2022”, while a technical jury will award the “University of Perugia Award” ” The event is actually organized by the municipality of Perugia with “Archeologia Viva / Firenze Archeofilm” in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Umbria Museums – National Archaeological Museum of Umbria and University of Perugia, as well as in collaboration with Carlo Lorenzini Foundation, Umbria Film Commission and Cinegatti.

“With great satisfaction and pride – stressed Culture Councilor Leonardo Varasano – we present a new appointment for our region and for the city, which we are very proud of. This is because it is the result of a choir commitment thanks to the close cooperation between several components, Municipality, University, Manu, Umbria Film Commission, Giunti Editore, Cinegatti, etc. The magazine Archeologia Viva provided crucial support for the project and dedicated an issue (214 July-August 2022) to our city and its riches “.

Varasano then expressed his appreciation that a national event has chosen to move to Perugia for the first time to bring to life a festival with great content but aimed at all types of audiences. An audience that will be the direct protagonist of the event by awarding the City of Perugia Award. With Perugia Archeofilm, the cultural panorama of our city is enriched with a new, prestigious work. The event will for three days make Perugia the cinema’s national stage dedicated to history, archeology and the environment.

“It is a pleasure – added Professor Roberto Rettore, representative of the University of Perugia – to host this year the Perugia Archeofilm, which takes place for the first time in Umbria, whose rich archaeological heritage allows you to see this area as an important with the aim of reconstructing human history and civilization “.

Words of satisfaction also from Maria Angela Turchetti, director of the Umbria National Archaeological Museum (MANU). “An honor and a pleasure – he said – to have in Perugia and at the National Archaeological Museum, thanks to the fruitful cooperation between public and private bodies, the first edition of Perugia ArcheoFilm, which above all represents a different and appropriate way of all, through images and content, to deepen knowledge of ancient history and archeology and focus attention on the origins of the Etruscan city of Perugia and its territory.

Daniele Corvi of the Umbria Film Commission said he immediately supported the project, which could help enrich the city’s cultural landscape. It is certainly a real challenge because a film festival is created from scratch and otherwise after two years of pandemic. However, Corvi reaffirmed the Commission’s full support for a demonstration that is set to grow gradually.

The program was illustrated by Piero Pruneti, director of Archeologia Viva. “The Umbrian capital – he said – will be part of the main film’s capitals aimed at the general public at the history of man and our planet. A program not to be missed. Three days within the summer’s rich event calendar in Perugia, where possible to travel in time and space through the proposed films, selected among the best works of world production in the sector.

We start from Peru, at the foot of the Andes, where Nazca built monumental cities and drew the vast network of geometric lines and geoglyphs that have fascinated experts for decades, to move to Hallstatt, a small town in the heart of the Alps, if existence has always been associated with the exploitation of giant salt mines. Director Nicolò Bongiorno (guest of the second evening) with his latest masterpiece, Songs of the water spirits, takes us to Ladakh, a region of India in deep transformation, facing a path to cultural renewal that is constantly on the way between calls from a mysterious tradition and violent developments that endanger the environment and distort its inhabitants. Then head to Egypt with the long history of the famous bust of Nefertiti, an ancient face that has become a canon of contemporary beauty.

A film that remains in the land of the Pharaohs tells of the historic rescue from the waters of the Nile of over twenty Nubian temples destined to disappear under the new Aswan Dam. Finally, the inevitable event of the Vesuvian eruption in 79 AD. with a spectacular documentary capable of recreating in 3D places, environments and situations in Pompeii at the time of the disaster, to practically relive one of the most atmospheric and famous archeological sites.

Each evening, between the two films on the program, Piero Pruneti, Director of Archeologia Viva, will conduct interviews on current historical-archaeological and environmental issues with Mariangela Turchetti, Director of the National Archaeological Museum of Umbria, Nicolò Bongiorno, Director and Gian Luca Grassigli of General Classical Archeology at the University of Perugia.

The films compete for the audience award “City of Perugia / Archeology Viva – Perugia Archeofilm 2022” and the scientific jury award “University of Perugia”. A special Carlo Lorenzini Prize “will also be awarded for the graphics of the poster of” Perugia Archeofilm 2022 “created in competition of students from the Architecture and Composition Laboratory activated in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Perugia in collaboration with the Carlo Foundation Lorenzini “. In case of bad weather, the festival will take place at the Umbria National Archaeological Museum (Piazza Giordano Bruno 10).

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