Federico Cannata’s photographs are the new image of Sicily

“I want to one day, through my photographs, be able to inspire people. I would like to encourage others to travel to find themselves ”.

The story of Federico Cannata resembles a plot of a novel from the past, the one that, as we read, makes us dream big, and with shining eyes we feel, at any moment, that even our dreams can come true.
With his charisma, determination and a lot of passion, he is the living demonstration that we, thanks to the strength of never wanting to give up in the end, reach very far.

Federico Cannata is a Sicilian fashion photographer, born in 1989 in Modica, famous for his photographs rich in bright colors, dreamlike surroundings, bold color contrasts between film and literature. His works steal all the light around them and send it back in large doses to those who admire them. Often his works combine photography and graphic design: consisting of titles, typographic layouts and signs. But that’s not all, for every photographic project he writes stories himself, which come to us as caresses for the soul and as simple accompaniments to images. Photography and words travel together.
Each photograph contains all the senses. In addition to the sight of “warm” images, his works also create a “scent” of the Mediterranean, of spring, the scent of freshly picked citrus fruits and we feel a strong and delicate sea breeze at the same time.

In recent years, through his work, Cannata has changed the iconographic image of his homeland, marked by a great tradition. He repeats it over and over again, in an infinite loop, which is thanks to “his Island” that he has been able to carry out major projects at national and international level.
Although he is very much present on the Milan stage today: from the fashion weeks of famous designers to prestigious events, from the most fascinating photographic scenes to publications in influential magazines, he has never left his roots because they are a source of inspiration, they represent one’s own identity to draw on and donate.

He receives his first camera in the Art School’s year in a sculpture class. Cannata feels the moment that is truly important to his calling. The daily urge to take pictures starts from her home, and then continues to portray her classmates and matures as she moves to Catania to attend the Academy of Fine Arts. The stubborn and counter-current choice (in these years) to be a fashion photographer in Sicily will change his life forever.

His first photographic projects began to interest a large audience thanks to the web (between 2009-2010), facebook became an important showcase for young talents. It is precisely through social media that his work is noticed by stylists and fashion editors who begin to “woo him” and propose his first works.
At that time, the editorial staff of Vogue Italia was inaugurating a section dedicated to new artists in the field of photography, and therefore Cannata decided to participate. After months spent in a thousand rejections and defeats, he sees his shots published in the magazine for the first time.
It was another phase that will definitely open the doors to the fashion system for her. Many designers see in Cannata’s photographs a powerful energy and aesthetic that must be reproduced in their advertising campaigns.

In 2009, Federico Cannata’s photograph was polluted by the urban and cosmopolitan spirit of Milan’s capital: Milan. The metropolis’ expressive power causes the photographer to create new images with a strong contemporary sense, sometimes futuristic, with an experimental character of pure research.
During these years in Milan he has the opportunity to shoot photographic projects for: Alberta Ferretti, Emilio Pucci, Antonio Marras, Borsalino, Bartolotta & Martorana, Francesca Fossati, Elisabetta Franchi, Francesca Liberatore, Sylvio Giardina and many others. He also works with new stylists and artisans from all over Italy, who every day rely on his professionalism to make their creations known.

Today, Federico Cannata and his work team have developed a total vision to tell an art project or advertising campaign that goes from photography, to video, to graphic design, to printing, creative writing and then ends with installations and setup. of the windows in the showrooms. His photography continues to explore the limits of beauty and harmony, but he also renews the relationship between the same with the tools of the internet to reinforce the final message. While we wait to be present at his first retrospective exhibition, between Modica and Milan (which he is already working on), we find with him AMAZING, which always follows a path: from darkness to light.

Website: www.federicocicati.com

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