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Sound and Music 3.0: Composer and Sound Designer Philip Abussi main character in Essxence 2022 (June 15-18) as part of an exclusive Virtual Reality experience and already present at Milan Design Week 2022 to talk about sound design, music and NFT .

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(AGR) The composer, music consultant and sound designer Philip Abussi, who for several years has been researching the impact of sound and music on the human unconscious and on consumers’ purchasing choices in the high-profile retail sector, has expanded his research and experimentation in metaverse and virtual reality. to offer the public stimulation and entertainment in a 3.0 logic that combines musical and sonic creativity with technology.

“Metaverse and virtual reality also represent an opportunity for the sound sector, although it will be necessary to wait for some sound technologies to be approved that will enable better use of the acoustic spaciousness of sounds and music.” – says Philip Abussi.

A successful attempt at sound specialization is what the composer presents Essxence, an exclusive event dedicated to artistic perfumery (June 15-18) in progress at MiCo – Milan Congress Center Via Gattamelata – Gate 16. For the high perfume brand Calé Fragranze d’Autore, Abussi has already created the compositions of the multi-sensory presented and clapped globally, and in this edition of Essxence, he is the creator and artistic director of the acoustic project that is part of the Brand’s Virtual Reality experience.

The public will be able to listen to some compositions created with the innovative Esanaurale Technology, in collaboration with Pierpaolo Guerrini historical sound engineer by Andrea Bocelli, supported by Prof. Federico Faggin, renowned physicist, entrepreneur and inventor who developed the first microprocessor in the world and subsequently the first touchpads and touchscreens, in Silicon Valley (USA) ).

As part of his research and design, the composer has had the opportunity to interface with various innovative realities that lead in the sector, such as Why and nss meta creative studio, with which he has created interesting projects for important brands in a very short time.

Abussi has recently signed the audio compositions created ad hoc for Hogan’s immersive journey through Oculus viewers, created in collaboration with WHY and curated by nss meta, organizer of the virtual experience presented and proposed at Hogan Boutique in Monte Napoleone 5, from 7 to 12 June last, on the occasion of Design Week 2022. In parallel with nss meta, organizer of the meetings in the store of the prestigious Brand, the coordinated image and the PR part of the initiative, Philip Abussi, as co-founder, together with the creative entrepreneur Anita Falcetta, from Music Company, Mokamusic, of which she is head of music, spoke as part of the Meta talk on June 9 and discussed the topic with Software Boy, enfant prodige of digital art, who explored the world of NFT and it potential they hold for the future of art and creativity, in a public discussion that caught the attention of a heterogeneous audience, moderated by Camilla Rosi.

Abussi emphasized the possibility of using sounds and music to emphasize and enhance the experience of the user living in the meta-verse, mainly visually, supporting the brands and operators of this parallel universe in their engagement strategies through multisensory stimulation and suggestions for aids that can bring musical talents closer to their fans. Stimulation and engagement were fully developed in previous projects created with the Why: nss meta-experience presented at White Milano, Tortona District, during Milan Fashion Week 2022, where the sounds from Milano City sampled by Philip Abussi were redesigned in key 3.0 and, again with Why, the sound design for the launch of Dolce and Gabbana’s NFT project.

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