De Giorgi, Strasbourg condemns Italy: “He did not defend me, my life was turned upside down”

The European Court of Human Rights called itaffair De Giorgi: 27 pages of preliminary investigation and four of the verdict. The Strasbourg court thus condemned the Italian state for failing to protect a Paduan woman who had repeatedly condemned her ex-husband, who had been violent with her and with her three children. “Violation of Article 3 of the Convention on Human Rights”, it is the one that punishes countries that use torture and inhuman and degrading treatment: so the Italian state will have to compensate Silvia De Giorgi, 44, with 10 thousand euros plus legal costs.

The fact

Silvia De Giorgi (44 years old) in a photo taken from her Instagram profile

According to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, “the Italian authorities did not do what was necessary to protect another woman who has been subjected to domestic violence despite repeated complaints”. This is the epilogue of legal history Silvia De Giorgi written today by the European judges. On November 20, 2015, the ex-husband attacks her by grabbing her by the neck, threatening her with death and hitting her with a motorcycle helmet, causing her wounds to heal in 8 days. She, Silvia De Giorgi, goes to the Carabinieri and lodges a complaint. This is not the first time and it will not be the last because her ex continues to threaten and follow her, he sneaks into her house to steal her clothes and other items and install devices to spy on her. aggressive with his 3 children, and also does not pay alimony. But when the woman in March 2016 turned to the civil court in Padua to ask to be protected, complete with a report from Carabinieri, the answer is no. According to the court, human behavior, as it has been separated from since 2013, does not appear to be harassment, but rather an expression of a high level of conflict, typical of certain separations, which were only overcome in November 20, 2015.

Silvia De Giorgi (44 years old) in a photo taken from her Instagram profile
Silvia De Giorgi (44 years old) in a photo taken from her Instagram profile

Diametrically The assessment of the European Court of Human Rights is the opposite who rated Silvia’s ex-husband’s behavior as so serious that it condemned Italy for inhuman and degrading treatment, in particular because of the inaction of the judiciary. Silvia, who lives in Cervarese Santa Croce, a municipality in the province of Padua, had approached the Strasbourg court in April 2019, declaring that the authorities of inertia and indifference did not protect her and her children from her violence. ex-husband or prevented it from continuing

. And in the appeal, he also highlighted that the first hearing of facts on 20 November 2015 was held on 13 April 2021 and that the crime expires next year. The government, for its part, defended itself by saying that the authorities “did not know and could not know that Silvia and her children were in danger”, and that the woman, despite the seven complaints, “has never shown that she is a victim of abuse and violence in the home or violence that lived in fear of being attacked. ”But the Strasbourg court ruled today that the prosecutors never assessed the risks the woman and the children faced, and” with their passivity they created a connection with impunity “for In addition, he took it seriously that an investigation was never launched into the abuse the father would have inflicted on his children. “We are fully satisfied with the verdict,” commented Marcello Stellin, Silvia’s lawyer, while Cecilia D’Elia, Deputy for the Democratic Party and National Spokesman for Democratic Women’s Conference he stressed that this condemnation must “be an incentive for change”. The court also ruled that the victim is entitled to compensation of 10,000 euros for moral damages.

Who is Silvia De Giorgi

Silvia De Giorgi (44 years old) in a photo taken from her Instagram profile
Silvia De Giorgi (44 years old) in a photo taken from her Instagram profile

Forty-four years, interior designer of Lecce origin, Silvia De Giorgi lived in the province of Padua for almost thirty years. Between 2015 and 2019, she condemned her husband 7 times for threatening her life, beating her with a helmet, putting cameras in her house, persecuting, following, harassing, for not paying alimony and for abusing her three children.
THAT judges in Strasbourg they question the passivity of the judges, and for this reason the Italian state now has to compensate: 10,000 euros for moral damages. Despite the reports from the carabinieri and the hospital, the Strasbourg judges point out in their judgment that the judges responsible for assessing the case have not taken any initiative to respond to the complaints. “Their inaction created a situation of impunity for the ex-husband,” the Strasbourg court ruled. In a historic moment where feminicide and gender-based violence are spreading, this case cannot help but impose a reflection.
“No one intervened to protect me, and today I say: I am a survivor – says Silvia De Giorgi to The Republic -. If my lawyer Marcello Stellin had not been willing to go to court, everything would have ended in oblivion. I’m alive, that’s the difference between me and the others.

From anger to resignation

“At first I felt angry, so desperate, at last I decided – continues the story of the woman in La Repubblica – I thought I would never get justice, and today I have no justice. The court says: The prosecution worked poorly, but no one condemned the man who made my life a hell. My life has been turned upside down. For years I had to watch my children for an hour a day to work and support all three of them. I did not sleep, I was afraid “that he would come and hurt us. Today I live in Milan, I have a new partner, but I would not return to Padua for any reason in the world. I’m still too scared”.

Silvia De Giorgi’s post on Instagram

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