“Culture is the antidote to crime”

“I am pleased, as mayor of this community, to welcome Dr. Fabiana Dadone, Minister of Youth Policy, who, along with Internal Secretary-General Dr. Carlo Sibilia, is on an institutional visit to the province of Avellino.

I greet Mr Prefect for Avellino and all the civil and religious authorities present; I greet with love the School Community, which is present here with students, teachers and above all our school leader Prof. Maria Pia Farese.

A grateful greeting goes to Pro Loco and to all the associations present in the municipal area, who are strongly in favor of initiatives and activities that aim to create a common awareness of doing good to live even better. The dialogue as they mature in them and the Forum of the associations they seek to create, we hope they will have a character of continuity, to be able to influence our young world, so lost and poor, who sees its best strengths to seek others places after opportunities for realization.professional. Today’s initiative is part of the many activities that local associations and the Caudina Valley have launched after the criminal events that took place in our city and in Cervinara. As reported in a press release from Ariano Irpino municipality, the first phase of the deputy secretary’s and minister’s institutional visit, the visit stems from a commitment made during an order and security committee held in Avellino in February last year after serious episodes of crime took place. in the province. It is a matter of involving young people, students and associations and creating opportunities for meetings and discussions with national institutions and with representatives of the police with the aim of developing the civic sense and the culture of legality in the younger generations, also in smaller centers. and in the suburbs. In an interesting article that appeared in Avvenire a few years ago, emphasis was placed on the well-known phenomenon of the new generations’ growing distrust of institutions, and a growing investment in the area of ​​’limited sociality’ consisted of relationships family members and friends networks . The article went on to note how quite a few studies of the culture of legality among Italian young people highlighted the weakness of current brokers, a bad sense of civic duty and the risk of slipping for a significant minority of them towards illegal cultural and behavioral models. . If it is true that young people’s values ​​are based more on openness to change than on preservation, it is a question of understanding the direction in which these changes are oriented today, in a historical phase marked by a strong tension between and in democratic institutions, marked by intense conflicts between models and practices of coexistence and citizenship, where libertarian demands coexist with security demands and new authoritarian advances.

There is no time to examine issues that we have already discussed other times; I just want to express the hope that our young people still have something to say and do, which creates the conditions for “The postponed transformation”, the title that the study on the youth situation in our country made by Prof. Raffaele Rauty from the University of Salerno, should no longer exposed.

Many of our young people leave after graduation, as in almost all small towns in the South and even in the Nordic countries; some manage to find a decent home, others succeed in various areas. Recently, children of our country have given the best of themselves at the Cannes Film Festival, ESA, the European Space Agency, the World Gas Conference in South Korea and in other major areas of knowledge and culture. These are examples and possibilities that should not be overlooked, but as far as possible included as models and possible clues. An old song written by the never-forgotten parish priest Don Ugo Della Camera, is titled “San Martino Does Not Die”. Our young people sang it in the mythical Meetings arranged by the parish priest. The push was to keep the attention high, to make the young people the main characters, to instill the desire for a well-structured culture in their hearts, to give meaning to their lives, to enable them to answer the questions of meaning that constantly arise. We believe that today’s visit is important; is one of the many opportunities we get to not doze off and not get used to a way of thinking life and social relationships that generate desert, inability to plan the future well, live the fullness of life, animate places and places otherwise at risk of disappearing “.

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