Culture in White Carrara: Enrica Bonaccorti talks about herself

CARRARA – Enrica Bonaccorti meets the public in connection with the white Carrara. The well-known author and presenter will talk to David De Filippi about his latest literary efforts and much more in the magnificent setting of the Palazzo Binelli’s Garden on Friday the 17th, starting at 21.00.
“The reality was that a meteorite had fallen into my desert, and I did not know whether to flee as far as possible or settle into its crater.” “Condominium, goodbye!” (Baldini + Castoldi) is a delightful and unpredictable novel in which we find Cico, the original protagonist of Enrica’s previous novel “Il condominio”, an ironic, light and dramatic tale at the same time, in which between attacks of “dreverie”, meet dictated of fate and disarming discoveries the unstoppable Chico, misanthrope with a heart of gold; seems willing to change not only the home address.

Enrica Bonaccorti, great woman in Italian television and great successful radio host, has always been involved in writing: lyricist of unforgettable songs – “The distance”, “Amara terra mia” – journalist at various newspapers such as “Sette”, “Corriere della Sera “, She edited the column” Il Postbollo “until she landed on fiction with The Red Sheep and The Immovable Man, included by the Ministry of Health among the texts that” most correctly revealed a clinical syndrome “

Always Friday and always curated by David De Filippi, who interviews the author, Sara Levi’s literary debut at Animosi Cafè (from 7.30 pm) with the short story collection “Happy ending hunters” In the debut collection by Sara Benedetta Levi are eight characters. confronted with the thousand facets of love, distracted by the interconnections between time and space that an emotion can lead to.

“Our system of relationships – explains the author – affects the way we approach not only others but also ourselves, as well as the image of ourselves that we project outside. All too often, one choice is rather than another, a wrong turn or a simply more comfortable one dictated by the type of relationship that dominates our lives at that moment. Eight narratives, eight characters in constant imbalance in search of balance. “

Sara Benedetta Levi, born in 1982, studied marketing, economics and psychology. He has traveled extensively, especially in Southeast Asia, where he lived and devoted himself to the study and teaching of the tantric yoga tradition. Today he lives between Europe and Asia.


15.30, Palazzo Binelli, conference “The Figure of San Ceccardo”: research conducted by the University of Pisa-Department of Paleopathology during the spring of 2021, moderated by Prof. Valentina Giuffra.

18.00 – 20.00, itinerary “Balls and architecture from the 20th century in Carrara. The cataloging of the marble balls in the historic center through the path of the Giampaoli guide.” Supervisor Arch. Paolo Camaiora. Free participation. Of the Order of Architects MS;

19.00, Animosi Caffè, presentation of the book by Arnaldo Mangini “The power of a smile” published by Rizzoli, event organized by Nuova Avventura Bookshop;

20.30 – 22.30, Carrara Academy of Fine Arts, Cultural Walks by IMM: Night tour of the Academy by Luisa Passeggia and Corrado Lattanzi (visit for max. 50 people by reservation, send email to amiciaccademiabellearticarrara @ gmail .com or WhatsApp at 713566);

20.30 – 22.30, Palco della Musica, Hands at Work at Piazza Gramsci – Presentation of the documentary Hands at Work by Carrara Studi Aperti – APS Oltre;

21.00 – 22.00, Palazzo Binelli, Marble Café with Ilaria Bonuccelli and her latest book “Violenzissima” (presentation in the Genre Library Section);

21.00 – 22.00, Piazza Duomo, Performance Luciana Bertaccini by Luciana Bertaccini Group.

There is free admission to all seats. The complete program is available at

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