Car on asylum in L’Aquila, boy on board sorry: “I killed him”

THE EAGLE – “I killed him, I killed him!” Lucas’ cry (invented name) is inconsolable. To such an extent that they have to throw fresh water on his head to soothe his tremors. There was him and only he, only eight years old, aboard the Volkswagen Passat, which with the engine turned off with tragic perfection was channeled into the short descent that runs along the kindergarten in May and ends with the gate that would have had to protect the garden, where children play when, like yesterday, sun and heat are masters in the first summer wars. The car overturned the fence and hit six children aged 3 to 5 years, who were playing to load a small truck with gravel and therefore also crouched. An absurd fate that annulled the life of Tommaso D’Agostino at the age of 4 and endangered five other children of the same age. Three of them were transported to Rome. Two girls on “Gemelli”. Last night the first was stable, breathing spontaneously and conditions were assessed as not serious. The other was hospitalized with a temporal bone fracture and subdural hematoma: she was also stable and pulled spontaneously, but with a reserved prognosis. On the other hand, a boy was later brought to “Bambin Gesù” with several traumas: he is in a reserved prognosis. Two twins, on the other hand, remained at San Salvatore Hospital in L’Aquila. Even the last three, according to tonight’s information, were not in danger of death. L’Aquila is heartbroken and shaken: Mayor Pierluigi Biondi has proclaimed the city’s mourners for today, all of the day’s main initiatives (including elections, given the forthcoming vote) have been canceled.

Rome, without driver’s license to drive the van, overpowers a 2-year-old girl in a stroller: reported

The reconstruction

The drama took place a few minutes before noon. pick up the second child. At that time, something had to be determined by the investigation opened by the prosecutor in L’Aquila. The only element of safety is that the child was left alone in the cabin. Some witnesses tell from the driver’s side. The car drove off and took the descent. Either because the electric brake has been turned off, or because the child, perhaps as a play, may have maneuvered with the gearbox. There is also the hypothesis that some investigators support that the car went wild by itself. The fact is that the Passat began to travel those meters at increasing speed: a mother said she saw the child on board trying to turn the steering wheel, but the car overturned with a cursed lane, perfectly channeled into a certain not great, far from it, without hitting one of the side walls that might have avoided the drama. Once on the apartment he broke down the gate and overpowered the little ones. Gabriele Miconi, who is a firefighter, says that when he arrived at the scene, he thought he saw “curly dolls”.


Hell broke out in an amen: desperate cries, tears, running at breakneck speed towards the garden. The other children’s glassy eyes. The rescue was taken immediately. 118 brought ambulances and even helicopter rescue. The firefighters worked hard to extract the six small corpses: a very delicate operation because lifting the car on one side risked creating problems on the other. Tommasos’ condition immediately appeared to be the most serious. Resuscitation was attempted for 40 minutes, but the baby died on the way to the hospital. An eerie scene: on the one hand the group to try to save him, on the other hand the parents who were almost desperately looking for their children. The public prosecutor will have to ascertain the school’s possible responsibility, for example with regard to access for cars to the car park and surveillance, in order to get to all the other security elements. Case for road homicide. In the coming days, the Mobile team, under the coordination of prosecutor Stefano Gallo, will listen to the witnesses and the management of the department. Cars and areas were seized. Last night, a summit of investigators was held at the police headquarters in L’Aquila, attended by prosecutor Stefano Gallo, owner of the investigation, the head of Mobile Danilo Di Laura and the other investigators. “We do our best with the greatest commitment,” Gallo said.

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