Born in Orbassano, Yaskawa Space is a place to stimulate the culture and adoption of robotics

Yaskawa, a specialized company in the field of drive technology, industrial automation and robotics, it inaugurates Yaskawa Spacea space multifunctionally set up at Yaskawa Italy’s headquarters in Orbassano (TO) and designed to host training, demonstration and conference activities in a technology environment that is deeply oriented towards mechatronics.

Built between January and May 2022 and with an area of ​​440 m², Yaskawa Space represents an investment highly desired by Yaskawa Italia to pursue its market access strategy. A place to showcase the company’s technologies, but dedicated above all to people and therefore to relations with partners and training of young talents in the field.

“With the creation of this dedicated space, our company wants to make its contribution today to promote the process of cultural growth that is the basis for a solid development of our companies in the direction of transition to Industry 5.0where technological development is combined with the social goals of respect for humans and the planet, ”comments Paolo Poletti, CEO of Yaskawa Italia.

Space comes from the idea of ​​creating one showroom that combines demo space and conference roomscapable of accommodating up to 70 people, to further strengthen technical and commercial partnerships.

In fact, Yaskawa Space responds to the needs expressed by several partners and operators in the sector to have a space equipped not only from a congressional but also a technological point of view to meet end users and customers in general and talk to them about robotics and advanced automation. .

In fact, the company has always supported the importance of training and exchange: this new space will therefore not only provide an opportunity to discover the potential that comes from the use of robots, but also to perform tests according to customer needs, also support the creation and dissemination of culture in robot technology and automation.

Yaskawa Space, the technologies on display in the showroom

Part of the showroom is dedicated to weldingwith two cells dedicated to customer testing (one dedicated to wire welding and the other to spot welding) and another room where visitors can observe solutions for collaborative welding, like Weld4Me, a compact cell equipped with HC10DT IP67 collaborative robot with Easy Teaching function. Thanks to the reduced size, the cell can also be easily moved into the system even by means of a transpallet.

“This part of the showroom shows that our catalog offers innovative solutions to all types of customers, from those who already use robotic solutions and therefore may prefer a product like Weld4Me, to those who are just approaching these technologies that may make sense to start with another type of solution, such as ArcWorld RS Mini“, Explains Fausto Chiri, Sales Director of the Robotics Department in Yaskawa Italy.

The ArcWorld RS Mini is a small cell, also designed to guarantee small footprint and ease of use. It consists of a dark green polycarbonate platform and case with glare protection and a Motoman-AR900 robot with YRC1000 controller. It is also equipped with a start / stop pressure panel and a fume cupboard.

In the showroom, visitors can also admire preview a bot bundle application dedicated to welding and handling, in which the robot is programmed through a sensor, a “ballpoint pen” that the operator can move to “draw” and indicate to the robot the movement to be performed, which the robot will then perform.

With the exception of applications dedicated to welding, the demos exhibited in the showroom are made in collaboration with partners. This is the case, for example taken from the box in 3D where a 3D vision system verifies the position of the pieces in the box and gives the coordinates to the robot, which takes the pieces and then proceeds to palletizing.

“Always dedicated to handling, we have two islands, developed together with our partners, which are islands that attach to the customer’s existing machines, without disturbing the entire plant’s layout. When the project is complete, the customer can mount them on other machines, so these are solutions that combine flexibility and productivity, ”explains Chiri.

“Then we have another demo dedicated to ny Scarawhere the smallest robot in the world is present, which has a payload of 1.5 kg, which is used to mount electronic components, ”he adds.

Flexibility and efficiency are also the strengths of the demo dedicated to collaborative palletizing, with the Motoman HC10 hybrid cobot, which can run either at high speed or at a safe and reduced speed when a person enters the work area. This area is monitored by external security sensors, such as laser scanners. In industrial mode, when humans are not in the danger zone, the robot reaches maximum speeds of 1 m / s.

That Motoman with patented grip technology for automatic handling of the bottles and packing of the boxes. A space-saving handling solution (which can be easily transported by forklift) that can handle 6-8 boxes per minute.

The showroom is completed by the exhibition of technologies dedicated to motion control – such as the Sigma7 series of Servopack amplifiers, the new MP3300iec controller and the CR700 inverter – and the cells dedicated to training activities.

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