Because the Draghi government will not fall, Conte and Salvini are “playful children”, and Di Maio is preparing for the split

In May he gives aut or-aut to Conte because “one day yes and the next the government can not be threatened to imitate Salvini”. Which in the end is true reform of the CSM and the text Cartabia (yesterday morning in the Senate), but five of his votes did not (inclusive Calderoli And Hostel) and the hall of the Palazzo Madama between Wednesday and Thursday was one Vietnam between requests for secret ballots, distinctions, amendments, filibustering. The implosion continues. And c’est ne qu’un debut is only the beginning. From now until October, the Italian political framework is intended for in-depth revisions and reinterpretations. As expected, the administrative election in May triggered the expected chain reaction, and the downturn is not yet clear.

“Children play” defines them Carlo Calenda. It has it with it Matteo Salvini And Giuseppe Contealso with Luigi Di Maio, “If before it was useless and harmful, now it is only useless”. The situation is magmatic. Few bet a single penny on this summer’s government crisis, a Papeete 2 three years later. Especially after the pandemic and in full war with winds of economic crisis and recession that Europe has never seen. Despite provocations by Giorgia Meloni, came strengthened out of the polls and ready to play Palazzo Chigi as leader of the center-right, the truth is that there does not really seem to be a political leader on the horizon who takes responsibility for a crisis and goes to lead the country in a context like this.

The losers who make the majority tremble
With you And Salvini, the losses of the administrative 2022, make the majority shake. And while Draghi is in Kiev on a historic and key mission at the same time Macron And Scholz, they make rage and teasing. To clarify, the Foreign Minister comes unexpectedly Luigi Di Maio. The call for journalists is just before 1 pm in Parliament Square. The reform of the CSM has just been approved by the Senate. It had to be the first dish of the day that gave it League it is at Salvini the role of today’s kingmaker. As it had been the day before. Instead, Di Maio arrives and the center of gravity of the day jumps. Or rather, it moves. The leader of the Farnesina speaks for ten minutes.

To say three things: With you he is too much a “self-referential” leader, so much so that I am In May “I come here to talk and say these things because I do not know where else to do it”; The movement has never gone so badly in an election of electors; enough with the attacks on the government and its historical alliances that are constantly being questioned and all to emulate Salvini. On the sidelines, there are numerous other concepts, for example that the government at the moment must be supported in making the right choices to help diplomacy (“I assure you that from the first day of conflict he works every minute”), which is a message to Salvini. Or that “instead of attacking the government, we should all help it make the right choices to diversify and help the weakest citizens.” And therefore poor. That’s the tear we’ve been talking about for months. And who now goes where? Who will move first to make the split?

A tear that does not fix
Suddenly League disappears from today’s debate. And Di Maio takes over but above all the Movement and the leadership of With you in a back and forth that fills the rest of the day. Strengthened by the verdict from Naples, which seems to have closed the season of uncertainty forever and therefore definitely the previous premiere hands over the keys to the movement and the power to make lists, Conte puts the most hateful and toxic explanation on the table. The outbreak of In May was predictable given that “we are on the threshold of a historic decision on the second term”, and since the Foreign Minister, like many others, is among those who should leave the political scene because they have already ended the second term, he would like his hands on the motion to circumvent the ban for a third period.

In the Foreign Minister’s relationship, all the other ministers are M5s and about half of the elected “Di Maio wants to form a new party? He will tell us in these hours – observed Conte a few hours after the statement of the proprietor of Farnesina.” I would add that we are on the threshold to an important appointment as the evaluation of the dual mandate. So it is a moment of predictable fibrillation for many people in the fate of the movement. “In the various statements in response, With you it comes close to ridicule at least three times. The first when he claims the mission one Kiev of the three European leaders (“this is a 5-star proposal”). The other when it defines “nonsense” to say that Anti-Atlantic movement And against the EU: yet, to stay in the present, Conte began boycotting the Draghi government’s foreign policy two weeks after the start of the war. Finally, when he notes that “making controversy while the prime minister is on a mission hurts the government”: a timing that he himself does not seem to have observed too often. In short yesterday With you And In May they did what had been in the air for some time: they went to that land. And this time it does not work out.

Close agenda full of pitfalls
The problem is that between Salvini encircled and With you one step away from the split, the government’s path becomes really difficult. In addition to the desire to provoke a crisis (which in reality does not exist), the accident under these conditions is just around the corner. LDraghi agenda for Pnrr it is very close, and there is hardly a single point where harmony prevails. The rocks on the route are tracked off Mario Draghi there are many: they range from competition to aid dl (the one with the waste energy plant in Rome) that goes through the resolution (Tuesday the 21st) on Ukraine that worries M5s so much. Do not forget the economic issues on which the parties exert strong and conflicting pressure, such as pensions and minimum wages. Spinosa also announces the discussion on superbonus and credits with various parties, M5s at the helm, wanting to relaunch a measure that Draghi himself has not hidden his aversion to.

After the battle for the seaside resorts, the battle for taxi licenses is on the horizon. Competition, which includes both, is one of the key measures for the goals of Pnrr. The fact that the league has asked to remove Article 8, ie. the delegation of local public services, raises some concerns. In all this tumult, there is a “new red thing” left with With you flashes on Bettini and a piece of Pd similar Orlando And Provenzano. The centrists observe the scenes and rain. L ‘Draghi area looking for roof. Copyright is Matteo Renzi.

Journalist originally from Florence is educated in Italian literature with 110 cum laude. Twenty years in Repubblica, nine in L’Unità.

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